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Hey Everyone,

I had surgery last year with Dr. B***, *YOU KNOW WHO*, It cost me $7,600. I am still trying to pay the money back.
I was not only left with a scar from the drainage tube, but one of my nipples "caves in", with a nice wrinkle split down the middle.
This top doctor told me there was nothing wrong, and it looks completely normal. I've been in for about 5 or 6 follow ups everytime
i mention the nipple, he says to wait and see how it heals, and that "no one would be able to tell i had surgery".

Why would the damn nipple cave in? Is it because he cut too much? I think the Dr. F**ked up.

What do I do after one year post op...he tells me if he fixes it I can have a much larger scar, and just to leave it alone.

My gyno is gone, but i now have a deformity I have to live with for the rest of my life.

What should i do, i am fix or not to fix? It does bother me obviously :-[

Thanks guys

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Creator -- you look really good, buddy. 

"Deformity" does not accurately describe what you see -- although I very well understand the way that the mind can blow out of proportion our blemishes. 

Yes, there is a small crease above your right nipple but it doesn't look strange or ugly. 

The DR is probably right about creating more scars by trying to fix it but maybe that would be better for you.  By the way, the scar on your side does not look bad at all.  Besides, I think we all know that scars are a part of this all.  Are you doing everything possible to clear that scar up though? 

My surgery is in less than 2 weeks.  I hope to have results like yours!!!   

Once again -- you look really good!!

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you look fine. i do see the slight crease on ur nipple and its not bad at all.  and the only reason i noticed it is because u brought up the topic.
the scar of th side is NOTHING. i've gotten worse scars from playing basketball and football. shoot, u can even say u got the scar from playin basketball; someone scratched u while u were on the skins team.

if the side scar really bothers u that much u can always cover it up with a tattoo

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hey thanks for the feedback guys...i hope your surgery goes well man gl

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I had a little crease and it got better over time.  I'm 3 years post op and I hardly notice it any more.  Part of it is that it's softened over time, the other part is that I'm *way* improved before I ever had the op.

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Yeah, from an outside point of view, it is not that bad at all and I wouldn't even call it a crator, more like a crease (as others have said).  Trust me, I have seen crators on the net from surgery and yours is nothing close to that.  Ask Dr. Bermant, I am sure he will also tell you it is not a crator.

Coul it be that there is a crease because the nipple was strectched out due to the gyne?  So now that the underlying gland is gone, the nipple sags a little...?  I think this may be what is happening, but I could be totally wrong.  If that is the case, then I have read that nipples will retract over time and some people they retract more then others.  Think of it like someone who loses a lot of weight and has sagging in the skin, perhaps this is the same sort of thing, but in all honestly it is not bad at all IMO and not a deformity or crator.

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it doesn't look that bad at all , honestly you should be pleased.

Perhaps working out a bit could help if it is really bothering you.......

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Doctors like to say it looks good and normal eh? I know how it is but my surgery was only 1.5 months ago. Im worried about the creas and if it will fill out on its own. Yours has been a year and it didn't change?
I was told ,like Doomed said, that my skin/nipple was stretched from the gyne and thats why...

Besides the crease though your results are really good.


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