Author Topic: Crater deformity when flexedtwo weeks post surgery  (Read 3300 times)


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Is it normal to have a slight crater deformity when flexing two weeks post surgery?

Should this heal?

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Hey, I'm sure there are people on here who had a crater to begin with and then goes with time. But, it's way too early to tell exactly how things will turn out this early into recovery. This will be part of many changes you will undertake during the healing process. I'm 7 weeks in and it's hard not paying attention to every detail; Try not to pay too much attention to individual aspects for now. Just need to be patient with it mate.

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Agree with nips.

It is much too early to worry about crater deformities -- you are in the very active process of healing and there are areas of swelling and non-swelling which can make the average guy worry about the results.

Bes to wait til full healing has occurred -- usually around 6 months.  Tthen look critically at your chest and if there is a problem at that time, take it up with your surgeon.

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I had what looked like craters around the nips for weeks after surgery. Only when flexing like you. It did go away. I think it's just the swelling.


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