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(I originally posted this in surgery experiences by mistake - so I reposted here)

Just had surgery 3 days ago and the pain has finally subsided!

I am really happy with the way my right side turned out - but I am freakin out over my left side - it almost looks worse than before...and these drains that the PS put in my pits really suck...I don't get them of til Monday (Oct 3rd)

Since I'm so new to this board - my first post, I have'nt yet seen too many others photos or read their experiences yet...but the ones I have seen, I am noticing swelling as well.

My left is really brused up pretty bad...the doc musta got pissed off at something when he was doing my left cuz it looks like he was really reefing on that lipo rod...ouch >:(

I had a "bi-lateral mastecotmy" with additional lipo.

I'm really hoping they get to the form that I want...I can tell he did some really good sculpting when I look at my chest from the "top-view" but when I look at them in the mirror - they still sag like an old ladies breasts (especially the left)...has anyone else had this experience?

Well, anyway, here they are...

I am 37

Live in Green Bay, WI - Yeah the Pack really sucks so far this year....

I am about 205 lbs


front -

left -

right -




left 1 -

left 2 -

left 3 -
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Post number two. Congratulations man. You have been liberated. I am jealous but very happy for you.
Tell me if you would the cost of this surgery.
Congratulations again. By next summer you will be ready for the beach.
p.s. Cool tattoos

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Thanks JB,

I work at the same medical facility that did the gyno surgery so it is covered 90% - I have yet to get the bill - haven't met my deductable yet so it will probably run about 500 bucks when all is said and done...

But when i first went to see my PS for the initial consultation, he wasn't sure if insurance would cover it, but I told him I didn't care if they did or didn't.
Luckily they did!

I was ready to pay serious bucks (and gone into serious debt if I had to) From what I understand, the average gyno surgery can cost from 1800 to 3100 bucks - for me, a small price to pay for piece of mind and more confidence.

Just hope it turns out ok though!!!  :o

Good luck with your surgery - Go for it man!!!


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  • Wilma, grab the lotion, we're going to the beach!
Even up in Green Bay, with all the cold, it's great to be able to walk around in a t-shirt.  Even if it's only 30 days a year.  ;D

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Haa Haa  ;D - You got that rite man!

I think spring finally came around in July, had summer in August, now were in deep autumn in October!!!

I could live with it tho - if the Packers would only get their asses in gear!!


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You must have some killer insurance. I thought that all elective surgeries were not covered. I am going to live vicariously through you! I will look forward to hearing about how your life has changed. I wish you all the best my friend.

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The insurance is weird - I think its called "self-funded" - the people who handle the companies' insurance just said that I needed a letter from the doctor saying that i NEEDED it...and he was cool enough to write one...that's all that was needed!

I'll keep posting my stuff, but I hope to hear any plans you might have on getting the surgery as well...if you think you need to get it done jb, go ahead and do it if you can!!!

I'll post the actual (full) cost when I get the bill -

Cheers man!!!  ;D
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