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The family Doctor gave the condition a name when I was 12 years old. Since I am nearing my 83rd birthday, that would have been in 1949.  He made the mistake of telling my mother and I that it would probably go away in a couple of years. I remember mom teasing me that I had more need of a bra than did my sister. 

The condution is common and we are not alone. But we tend to over-think the issue making us our own worst enemies.

Even among us wo have enlarged breasts not many of us could fill a bra and fewer yrt actually need one for support. If you are among those who need a supportive garment or even if you simply want to wear one, just do it. It is really of no concern to anyone else.
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Words oof wisdom PAA_PAW
If I think (not ovrr think) about it, I wear a bra because I need immobilisation  and a and admit  embarrassment at feminine nipples that project very obviously through t shirts etc. In the mirror this draws my attention to the fact that the outline of female shape breasts is discernable.
For me, I would much rather hide the VERY obvious nipples  and stop breast jiggle and nipple burn.. A bra is a perfect pemanent steadying hand on the  chest.
I have high apex breasts and wearing a bra does lift them and cause projection but for me my physical and psychological "wellness"  are much improved. I am comfortable on both levels. This is all that matters. 
Do what is necessary for you. 


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