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Hello:  I have only now found this site - after I have already had surgery!

I have suffered with this for years and it seemed to have become much worse after I started Testosterone replacement therapy.

My primary care physician told me that there was nothing to be done about it and that I should not be concerned with something that was "merely cosmetic".  But I am a 59 year old retired veteran who now works for the DOD as a "deployalbe civilian".  I live and deploy with soldiers - and let me tell you it is not nice to be the subject of jokes in the men's shower units!  My Moobs were so noticeable that I would not even take my shirt off at the beach.

I literally stumbled across gynocomastia on the internet.  I had no idea that this could be surgically cured.

I consulted one plastic surgeon in Chicago who told me, over the phone, that he does the entire procedure using lipo only and would charge $9,000.  He later told me that he would do it for $8,000 because I am a retired veteran.  But I wasn't sure.  I found Dr. Caridi in Texas, and was all ready to go down there for the op but it didn't work out.  But this was all for the good!  Because then I found Dr. Pensler; right here in Chicago.

Dr. Pensler examined me for only a modest office fee.  He showed me how to feel for fat vs. glandular tissue and showed me that the majority of my problem was actually tissue.  He explained that there was no way that lipo alone could remove all of that tough, gristly tissue.  He opined that merely removing the fat around the tissue using lipo might actually "accentuate" the appearance of the breasts.

What sold me on Dr. Pensler was that he cared enough to explain to me what was going on and what to expect from surgery.  He didn't treat me as though I were an idiot who wouldn't be capable of understanding my body!  He didn't rush through the exam to get to the next guy.  And, more importantly, he didn't promise me the moon!  He made sure that I understood that everyone's body is different, that everyone heals differently, and that the most important thing for him to do is to not take out "too much" so that the result looks even worse.

Dr. Pensler performed my surgery about 5 weeks ago. Immediately after the surgery his nurse showed me the pieces of tissue and the fat that had been removed.  I was astounded at the size of the glandular tissue.  (Even Dr. Pensler called it "gargantuan" when we discussed it at my one week follow up).

I won't kid anyone, the first week was rough.  There was a lot of swelling, a lot of pressure, and quite a bit of pain.  The compression vest is uncomfortable, but wearing an under-armour T-shirt underneath the vest cuts down on the underarm irritation.  By the end of the first week I had very little drainage but I still looked like I had been hit by a truck.  But, I expected that.

Second and third week were still uncomfortable and a little painful when I moved.  But, I am in therapy for rotator cuff repair which occurred two months ago so I have to keep working the arm and shoulder.

By the fourth week there is no more pain and the swelling has decreased dramatically.  My left breast is beautiful!  My right breast looks MUCH better than it did but it is still larger than my left and still appears to have a bit of fat on the upper side.

But, it is still far too early to judge the success of the surgery.  I have had plastic surgery on my face three times due to an accident which occurred 30 years ago when I was a young Naval Officer.  I know that each time it took a full year for ALL of the swelling to go away, little by little.  So, I am not even thinking of any revision to my right breast until a full year has past.  I am sure that if any revision is necessary Dr. Pensler will advise me.  And sometimes - it is better to leave things alone.  If it looks O.K.- don't "fix" it!

I am still wrestling with how I got this condition, if it was my fault for taking the testosterone, and if it will come back.  My primary care physician is upset with me for taking testosterone and for having had this surgery. That makes me feel bad.  And, it is not like I can discuss this with my friends and family.  So, I am grateful that I found this site.

If you are considering surgery I think that the most important thing is to find a surgeon who specializes in gyno surgery and who takes the time to explain things to you. If you live or can travel to Chicago I strongly recommend Dr. Pensler.

The second most important thing is to have realistic expectations.  If you are not 25 years old and haven't trained like Arnold Schwarzenegger, gyno surgery alone isn't going to make you look like the Terminator!  But it has sure helped me with self-acceptance and has given me a positive attitude!

Thanks for listening


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Congratulations! And thanks for your service follow Navy man! I to served Navy 78-82 HT2 and now my youngest daughter MCSN with orders to the USS Roosevelt after her leave. She got her 4 year degree but wanted to go MC as the only officer opening they offered her was weapons and MC was her dream job!

Once again congrats!


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Chicago has many amazing doctors and hospitals, but it is always challenging to find a PS with this specific speciality and expereince. Not to mention testosterone replacement.

Glad you had a good expereince. Love this town.


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