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..hi 17 and i just need to get some things off my chest..litteraly. :-/ i have been "bigger" my whole life and never had man boobs till about junior high or puberty it sucks...bad..i know how everyone feels about the clothes and stuff..1 thing i have done over the last year was bodybuild ...which has been successful my muscles are big and ppl just say oh hesa bodybuilder thats why he has breasts...but real questions are these two: 1st, how do i find of good surgeon in my area (Portland Oregon) if i find one how will i know if hes good?? and that i wont have like flabby skin and scars left over??..2nd,how did sumof you guys tell your moms?? i dont know how to say..if u havnt noticed i have boobs..thanks for readn this.
if my gyne was a person i would kick his ass!!!

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I'm not from Portland so I can't offer any specific advice, but generally, when choosing a PS, ask them how many gyne surgeries they perform per year. That is a good indication...

Ask to see before and after pictures, and ask them about their techniques, and if you will be left with any significant scarring.

If you want to be even more certain, after consulting with a PS, come back here and post what you were told... there are many people here who can help you make the choice (posting some pics might help too).

As for telling your parents... I found that writing them a letter (or email), works best. You can get all your feelings out all at once, without getting flustered, and you can really let them know how much it has bothered you. Most people on this site were scared about telling their parents and being brushed off, and were then surprised to find out how supportive their parents were.

Anyway, good luck.

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My son is 12 and has always had gyno (even as an infant his pediatrician notice he had extra fat in his chest area), however, he didn't start complaining about it until he hit middle school this last fall.  Just be open an honest with your mom.  My son is scheduled for surgery July 28th with a plastic surgeon in Tacoma.  I am getting nervous for my son, but also want what is best for him, posture, and overall self-esteem, not to mention less laundry to do from the layers of clothing he wears.

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1st, how do i find of good surgeon in my area (Portland Oregon) if i find one how will i know if hes good??

I live in Portland as well and my doctor gave me a name of a good surgeon but I forgot the name. I'm still waiting for a follow up appointment and I'm going to an Endo next week (If he's good I can refer you to him). Once I hear back from my doctor I'll be sure to pass along that sugeon's name. Doc says he the best breast guy in town though he usually works on women. Well duh!


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