Author Topic: Is it possible to have Gynecomastia surgery with the NHS?  (Read 1350 times)

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I have suffered from Gynecomastia for almost 15 years and it has had a devestating impact on my self esteem and mental health. It was caused when I had a reaction to an antidepressant medication I was prescribed.

I was told that the NHS doesn't do gynecomastia surgery any more for men, but I wondered if they might make an exception because of the impact it has had on my mental health.

Has anybody else had it fixed with the NHS or do you have to go to a private cosmetic surgeon?

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Tried the NHS route many many years ago and got to the point of getting a consultation with a surgeon but was ultimately turned down.

Second attempt a few years later, same result.

Very much flogging a dead horse and especially nowadays I think as it's even stricter.

Private is the best way as you can then also pick your surgeon who specialises in this and not just get someone you know nothing about and at a much quicker timescale 

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If you went in to the GP persistently and said it's causing you severe depression and anxiety and you're suicidal... your chances would be better. If they're giving transgender ops on NHS then this is definitely possible. But you would have no say on the doctor and the surgery is not likely to be there in way of quality.  

If it's affecting your mental health that much, it's possible IMO. 

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Hi Clym,

thanks for posting. I've just come back to these boards (think I last posted 10 years ago) and it's amazing that my old posts are still here. But I realised that I really benefitted from talking on here when I was in your position...

I had gynecomastia from age 13 til around 20 or 21. I went to GPs several times over the years and was dismissed, told to come back later and given very little comfort. However, having said that it is definitely worth perservering. The damage to your self-esteem, body image, social impact and mental state is huge and although it's hard, you need to speak honestly about how you feel and ask them to help you.

I was able to be transferred eventually to an excellent surgeon who was incredible and I had 2 operations on the NHS - one in 2007 and the second in 2009.

The level of skill and care in the NHS is great. It's a misnomer to think just because you pay up-front for private, then the quality is better. I had very good experience and the outcome personally was very good. I was given an option of which local hospital to be referred to (and was able to follow my surgeon when they moved hospital too).

There have been a lot of cuts to NHS funding and changes to what is available over the last 10 years, so I don't know if plastic surgery for gynecomastia is still available - it may depend on an individual NHS trust. But I really hope that it is (and it should really be) because it is not a case of 'cosmetic' surgery when it had such a damaging impact on you personally.

I wish you all the best with your progress. Please ask questions on here from those who have been through it and talk to your family and friends, I'm sure they will support you (I didn't talk to anyone about how I was feeling for years and afterwards realise how damaging it was).

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Seems difficult indeed and you’re unlikely to get the surgeon you want. In my opinion, this is absolute BS btw. In France the operation is covered in most cases and even if it isn’t, price is like €2k


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