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When I first popped up on this web site, I was around 47-1/2 inches around the bust. 

Today I measured out 49 inches.   

The weight of my breasts seems to be growing and I feel them even more so now than anytime in the past. 

I actually LOVE it, and am growing prouder of my mounds as each day passes. 

I actually want them to get larger! 

So has anyone kept track of their breast growth, do you love it, hate it? 

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congratulations. I like you love having breasts and would love to be bigger, much bigger. i used to keep track but mine have stabilized. i am currently 50 inches across with a 46 band. problem is finding bras that fit. i dont have a problem with sports bras bit looking for ones with adjusters and hooks.the size charts say d , but to me that eould be too big. bought a C , didnt fill it bought a B and still not thinking of an A and most push ups not my size , thinking maybe 44 with an extender. either that or get breast forms. any suggestions. I dont know about you but I dont worry about being noticed or poke thru

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Rich:  For most of us guys, our bra size depends a great deal on whether it is wire free or underwire.  Most women's breasts sit close together toward the center of their chests while ours are wide spaced.  I personally have as much boob under my arms as on my chest.  A while back, I found a practically new wire free bra with molded cups in a rare 42B size in a thrift store.  Much to my disappointment, I didn't even come close to filling the cups.  However, when I stuff the underarm boob into an underwire bra, I fill a 42C without wrinkling and can even wear one of my wife's 42Ds without looking totally ridiculous.  She can wear wire free and underwire in the same size interchangeably.  I can't.

For every day wear, I usually wear a pullover leisure bra or low impact sports bra.  It doesn't lift and shape the underarm boob like an underwire, but it keeps things from moving around and it is almost impossible to detect under a shirt because it doesn't have hooks or strap adjusters.  I think these are great as a "first bra" because they are easy to hide and they are sized according to chest measurement.  These aren't for everybody and if you are much bigger than a C cup, you probably need to get fitted for a big girl bra.  Incidentally, Rhonda Shear makes a variety of pullovers with underwire cups so you get the advantages of both types.  Again, these aren't for everybody but I am planning to order a couple more in the future, maybe in less manly colors than I am used to and with lace accents.  Yeah, my feminine side is starting to show a bit.

I have resisted wearing underwires for a long time because they make me project more but after 4 years of wearing bras, I sort of don't care any more.  You will get there eventually.  Try an underwire, you may be surprised at how large a cup you fill.

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thank you Felix. the rhonda shears are my go to. I have both the pullovers and the underwire as well as strapless. It sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I have some regular underwire from someone else biut dont fill them. that why I thinking of inserts or a smaller band size. two of my RS are padded real light gives a nice rounded shape without making them bigger. still want to find an underwire  with adjusters to get alittle more lift and like you I dont care who sees and my wife is fine with it. it was much better when I was a 40. my late wife could share bras. but old age and meds have gotten me a little more fluffy

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I enjoy these discussions of styles of bras and what works best for us.  We need support for our breasts just like women do. I agree with Felix that as we wear bras over time, we start to appreciate the shaping and lift our bras give us. 

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I'll mention taxmapper that cup size is dependent on band length.  A 46C will be MUCH larger than a 42C, for example.  I found a 46B that fits my breasts that are happiest in a 42C brassiere I wear with an extender.  The 46B I bought on E-Bay, a Breezies Smooth Radiance.  Here is a tee shirt version of that brassiere...  I bought three of their unlined, underwire brassieres, not the tee shirt bra.

I'm finding that my breasts are happiest in the first brassiere I found, the Lilyette Comfort Keyhole Minimizer with unlined cups; 42 is the largest band and C is the smallest cup size.  When I add an extender and a bra strap holder to keep the straps from falling off my shoulder, everything is in place and my breasts are very happy.  Nothing wrong with using an extender.  The question eternally is whether you feel comfortable in whatever you're wearing.  Good luck sorting it out.  There is nothing wrong with loving the fact we have breasts.  No doubt had I been given a choice as an adolescent, I would want my soft chest gone, but having lived with that condition and then having breasts develop is a different matter.  Honestly, I find my own breasts much more enticing than the breasts of any of the women I was intimate with along the way.  Go figure!


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I enjoy these discussions of styles of bras and what works best for us.  We need support for our breasts just like women do. I agree with Felix that as we wear bras over time, we start to appreciate the shaping and lift our bras give us.
I enjoy the shape and support of an underwire. With my breasts being wider spaced apart that a womens, I have noticed some changes that have to be made. I am fitted for a 36C which fits great when my sideboob is scooped and swooped. Throughout the day it spreads back out under the cup though. I am better off taking a 34D and actually bending the wires to straighten the bottom of the cup a bit to widen it. This way, I fully fill the D cup and my breast doesn't pull out of the sides of the cup during my work day. Crazy to think I'm 25 wearing a D cup.... 🥺 kinda like it though... 😅

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I’m still growing also. 41 band, 46 chest...I fill a 40c...not real happy about it, but I just have to go with it. Grin and bear it I guess. Some days it is really hard to wrap my head around all this...oh goes on


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