Author Topic: Your ways of concealing gyne in the summer?  (Read 2060 times)

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Besides wearing a wifebeater underneath, what other ways are good for concealing gyne in the hot summer months?
I can wear a t-shirt because my boobs aren't THAT prominent, but it's still annoying because with just a t-shirt on I get very very self-consciouss and slouch and always pull at my shirt and I'm always looking around if someone is looking at me, etc.  :-\
My solution for wearing a t-shirt is that I put a regular short sleeve shirt (you know the kind that buttons up in the front) over it and keep it unbuttoned. Doesn't add much to the heat, and it looks normal, because a lot of people wear that kind of combo even when it's hot. It kinda sucks if the wind is blowing though, and my self-consciousness kicks in again and I'm trying to hold the thing in the front so it wouldn't flap in the back and expose my moob-filled t-shirt underneath.
Ah, the life full of insecurities, gotta love it!

Anyway, that's my way of concealing gyne in the summer (gotta love summer storms, when I have an excuse to put a pullover on, haha). Any other advice would be appreciated.  8)

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this might sound weird but what i do is before i get dressed, i do chin ups til i can't nomore and my nipples get a little smaller and harder and then i get dressed and i look almost normal.
and im less self concious when i get out, even though they get back to their regular size in a matter of minutes

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G2 Compression vest.

Hot uncomfy and annoying, but I can sort-of get away with wearing a polo shirt. Looking in the mirror it does look kinda okay, but I feel so self-concious still that I am still avoiding wearing just a shirt.

I think I will try the short sleeve shirt over a tshirt (with vest on too) so I don't feel as conscious.

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hmmmm.... I do the same thing "theblues"... a half sleeves unbuttoned shirt over a T-shirt...
but mine is a bit more prominent.. so im so conscience... and yeah, wind is a menace... hehe...
My friends have got so sick of me wearing clothes in the same style everyday.... cant help...  :-[


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