Author Topic: One side of my Chest is bigger then the other?  (Read 2275 times)

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I was just looking into the mirror and I noticed that my left side of the chest is much smaller then the right side...on the right side I have like more fat or gland? on the sides....Is this normal? Also is this fat thats causing it to be bigger or is it gyno gland? I have been on a very strict diet for the past 2 months and Im gonna keep by it until my surgery, and I lift weights and stuff...its kind of weird looking, I wish my right side was the same size as my left then my right breast wouldn't be noticeable too much...
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If you're having surgery, then I'd say try not to worry too much, continue to keep yourself in the best shape you can and let the surgeon work his magic. Most people have a difference in the amount of fat/gland ratio between each pec, so the surgeon should be able to account for this and remove the correct amount of fat/gland in each one.

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