Author Topic: what do i do about my old build up of internal scar tissue under my nipple?  (Read 1311 times)

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[font="Open Sans", sans-serif]my first op was back in april 2015, had lipo and excision . left me with a crater in the left side and there was seemingly fatty tissue left over on my right side.

recently had a revision op which has seemed to fix the crater on left side, but my surgeon said he found a very thick hard mass of scar tissue that he couldn't remove with the cannula. Must be from the last surgery.  now while my chest does look better after the lipo (he said he took out about 100ml of fat), there is that mass of scar tissue under the nipple which still caused noticeable protrusion for me. especially in t shirts. I am 3 weeks post op and feels like all of my swelling has gone. even post op I was not flat.

do you think that scar tissue that is 2 years old, very hard and feels very thick can even be broken down even with rigorous massage? I have seen another surgeon on a different forum say the results will be negligible from massage after all this time. im seeing my nurse for a 6 week review in 3 weeks and i've also asked to see my surgeon that day too.

are my only options things like steroid injections, such as kenalog and cortisone i believe? If so will that have an affect on thick and old scar tissue? or do i need to go in for another surgery? But surely my surgeon should've tried to cut it out once he saw it and not to just try and use just the cannula?

oh and yes i know i am only a little ways post op, but please remember, i've been here before and I feel that I have no swelling and bear in mind this scar tissue is 2 years old, and not new. So this will not go away by itself as I heal from this recent lipo. i also feel that now as i lose weight and lean out the scar tissue will become even more pronounced as its rockhard and its size

Thanks a lot in advance for suggestions[/font]


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