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how long after surgery should i wait before i can start going for light walks around the neighborhood?

i had excision only and am 2 days post op

thanks guys
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You're PS would be the best person to talk to about that. But the secret is, if it hurts don't do it. I'd give it at least a week before getting back into walking.

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I do a lot of walking and asked this question last week, and was advised no problem at all with walking - if you have no pain it will do you no harm.

I just had surgery last Thursday, and will give it a few days, then build up gradually.
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here is what I did:

After op - rested and walked around house. A few days after walked around block.

After week 1 - returned to regular activities like work

After week 3 - began light cardio , light weights

After week 4 - returned to gym. Reduced intensity work outs

After week 5 - back to normal work out routine (cardio and weights)

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I had the surgery on a Sat. Returned to work that Monday. I returned to the gym exactly 2 weeks after the surgery, but avoided chest and anything that stretched my chest.


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