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Hi, I'm having gyno for almost 13 years. I have been looking for  a good diet+ exercise plan for gyno. Can anyone please suggest me where I can find an ideal plan to move ahead. I have previously went through chest coast system by cliff manchester but it didn't worked(or I was not stick to it!!)...I'm looking for suggestions.

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It's hard to make any recommendations. The diet/exercise program that works for me may not work for you. It's best to find a diet you can live with and an exercise program designed for your specific fitness level. You should chose something that you can commit to long term. I suggest going to a book store and browsing some beginners fitness books. 

Unfortunately diet/exercise will not cure your gyno. Building up your chest may even make your gyne more noticable.


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I should add that I worked out for 13 years with gyne, before getting surgery. It didn't help my gyne, but it did help my self esteem. It's nice to focus on your other body parts that you find more appealing.

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There are a variety of herbal preparations sold for the purpose of getting rid of Gynecomastia. There are a number of exercie programs also marketed to get rid of Gynecomatia. If any of them actually worked, it would be all over these pages. The simple fact is that their products and diet programs do not get rid of anything other than the contents of your wallet.

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I'll just post my experience.

My normal weight is 140 pounds. At that weight, and working out I am pretty lean and ripped.

!0 years ago i went to 200 pounds. I did the Atkins diet and lost 60 pounds in 6 months.

SO I was back to normal.

this past summer, while at 140 pounds, I went on atkins again. I thought maybe it would make me look even better.

It did the opposite. I went to 132 pounds in 2 weeks (working out hard and cycling every day). I was totally ripped - but now the gyno was soooooo noticeable and obvious because I had no other body fat.

But - I tell people - Atkins diet has worked every time for me.

But it's not for everyone. If you are serious about losing fat though, I find it an excellent doet to be on while working out.


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