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Abraham Lincoln said, “I have noticed that most people in this world are about as happy as they have made up their minds to be.”  While that may simply sound like a platitude I have found that it is really the truth.   Lincoln suffered many tragedies in life and suffered at times from depression but by most accounts was a relatively happy and positive person.  I found that when I was depressed willing myself to be happy and looking at that the half full side of the glass really does help.

You have many things to be happy about; the terrific work you have done to lose weight and I wish I was going to be 40 that was a long time ago for me.  I bet Paa_Paw wishes he was going to be 40 too; he is even older than I am and I am older than dirt!  Don’t waste your 40’s they are pretty good years.

Now that i am losing the weight , i cannot believe i left it so long to do anything about it . i should have started this 20 years ago !!
maybe hitting rock bottom in my life was a benefit to me . drifting through life was my safe place before and while i was never really overly happy. i could function. then i collapsed completely and now i can see all of my faults physically and mentally.   still finding it hard to accept i have not worked in nearly 6 years and what this has done to me financially.  such a waste. 

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J. K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter wrote once, “And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”  So if you have hit rock bottom that is what you need to do, rebuild your life.  I know many people that had to hit bottom before they could clearly see their path in life.  You say that you can now see what your problems are and that is what you need to do, see them clearly, in order to conqueror them.

You have an additional challenge that many other people will not have, being unemployed for 6 years.  I have hired many people in my life, everybody from janitors to PhD's, and I always preferred to hire someone who already had a job.  Why, because I knew that they could at least do one job—the one they already had.  Other people have told me the same thing.  So this is bad news right?   Of course it is, but you can prepare for it and find a work around.  Not having a job is your liability, but what are your assets?  You need to play to your strengths and assets.  You may need to take a lesser job to begin a new career.  Also, be prepared for the inevitable question, “What have you been doing for the last 6 years?”  Having a logical well thought out and truthful answer will go a long way toward impressing a perspective employer.  I occasionally took a chance on someone who had gaps in their employment if they could explain the gaps to me and even more importantly explain how that would not be a problem going forward.

Good luck with your job search and remember positive people are more likely to be hired.


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