Author Topic: gyno recuce pills can reduce your gyno without having sugery  (Read 6084 times)

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i saw on tv that gyno pill can reduce your gyno.i live in a huge city called dallas,tx the 8th largest city in the united states of america. almost everybody uses plastic surgery there. my cousin had gyno and he didn't have enough money to pay for the cost about 4,300 dollars. so he used the pills for 3 months later he said his gyno is going away. i thought surgery was the only way but i was wrong.

THis is spam, I have removed the links.

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first ive heard, as much as id love to believe it....

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well what is the name of these pills?
where did that guy get them?
How much did they cost?
All his gyne went away in 3 months?"?

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I know people be sayin they are a scam i think so to BUT some people might try it because its a money back gurantee on it so  :-\ go 4 it u got nothing to lose.  thats wat says on

Again this is spam I have removed the links and banned the spammers.

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This is the second time you have posted this.  Either you are spamming the site, or you are just very impatient.  This is a SCAM!  I hope Grandpa, or Merle can make a sticky post about scams like this so that we can all put in our two cents of what to avoid for people just beginning to visit this site.

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There are no magic pills.

If something became available, You would likely need a prescription to get it.

The disclaimers are so thorough that there is little to no chance of you meeting the needed qualifications or standards for a refund.

This is a scam.
Grandpa Dan

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the pill pushers think since gyne is caused by hormones, it must be curable with a bunch of herbs or herb extracts that have a small influence on hormones.  that's like thinking swinging a hammer backward will unsmash the window. 

a lot of money is made by people who say like you, and you're not the first, hey what have i got to lose? 

answer:  your time and money.  save it for an op instead. 
* a man is more than a body will ever tell
* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?

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i made up new reasons to reinstated wat i said before but Merle deleted them or was banned before it i dont give a crap if u buy those pills i wont buyem but i was jus sayin money back guarntee only thing i would buy for gyne is compression vest 

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There is a .00001 percent chance the "herbs" will work in my opinion


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