Author Topic: Mumbai India (bombay) Gynecomastia Surgery planned under Dr. Sandip Jain  (Read 4891 times)

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OK, the time has finally come, to be gyne free!.  :) It will be on 16 oct at Saifee Hospital, Mumbai.

A bit of my background first. When I was in my teens, my parents noticed my gyne and took me to a surgeon of my hometown, they hadn't heard of plastic surgeons way back around 10 years ago. I was promptly operated on both sides and the gland was removed (not completely apparently) but since I was a teenager then, after a few years the gland growed back again.I didn't have the heart to undergo two more surgeries again. :'(

It's not very severe,noticeable nontheless and I am very self conscious about it. So for the past 10 years I have been living with gyne. To cope with it, I had to always wear loose T shirts, never go bare chested for gym, football, beach. God, it was so frustrating... >:(

I read previous experiences of mumbai based Doctors on the forums. I decided to visit Dr. Bimal Mody , Hinduja hospital and Dr. Sandip Jain

I met Dr. Mody first at Hinduja hospital, he very briefly explained the procedure and said it would cost me 60k min for surgery + hospital charges. On the same day, I met Dr Jain at Saifee Hospital. He was very patient, asked my background, my medical history ( I had pulmonary embolism, blood clots in lungs, cured now, but have to take blood thinning meds throughout my life, every day, for the surgery I have to discontinue them for a week).

The best thing I liked about Dr Jain was that he explained the procedure in very minute detail and answered every question I posed. I checked out his website and he has considerable experience of gyne surgery. I decided to undergo the surgery with Dr. Jain. I am supposed to take 5-6 medical tests at a laboratory, which I will do at Suburban Diagnostics, tomorrow.

He will perform lipo suction of around 100ml of fat removal from both sides + excision. I will be under full anaesthesia. I will have to spend the night at the hospital and will be relieved the next day. My flatmate will take me home. ( Please ensure that someone will take you home, it would be very difficult on your own). I will have to wear a compression vest post op. I will be given anti- biotics and painkillers for some time, will be able to resume work on 20th. Strenous physical activities like gym, swimming, etc will be possible after a month or so.

Surgery + Hospital Charges = 55k
Compression Vest = 2.4k
Medications = ??  ( will ask him soon)

I don't have any pre op pics right now, will definitely post them soon.  I feel like, I have lots of questions but cant think of anyone right now, ;D but will do soon. Thanks.


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dude ! eagerly waiting for your surgery experience post!!
please post your experience

thanks in advance

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I am 28 years old from Mumbai, India. I have gynecomastia since i was 12. Recently on 8th Nov 2011 i had visited a plastic surgeon Dr. Sandeep Jain who is known gynecomatia doctor. After checkup he told me that he perform excision, liposuction & skin tightening on me. He told that my gland size is big enough & my weight is not constant so skin tightening is must. But i am pretty doubtfull on skin tightening as this required on very severe cases & i think mine is not so severe.Might be he may be correct in order to avoid carter deformation or any skin loosening effect in future.

My details:
Weight: 68 kg (+/- 3-4 kg quick weight fluctuations)
Height: 5.8 ft
Skin type: Loose & soft than normal man skin

I have attached my recent pics here.
Please have a look & let me know the best Surgeons & best surgery procedure to be performed on me.



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