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ive been over weight all my life and that let do a 5 year clinical depression now that im finally loosing a couple pounds and feeling better about my self i find out i have this sh... im getting tired of bieng called lard ass and tittyboy and just finding out i probably will for the rest of my life ... im just not seeing any options i just can see a way out of this misery

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Hi James,

How old are you?  How tall are you?  How fat are you?  All of these things will affect what I might say in a later response. 

I will say that people in general and girls specifically reacted very differently to me at 220 lbs and at 325 lbs at 6'1".  The breasts only mattered to bullies and me.  Bullies will attack you for any vulnerability whether you are "beanpole" or "stupid" or "know-it-all".  Besides, if you are not vulnerable on the breasts any comment they make can be used as a straight line to make them look peculiar themselves. 

"Lard ass" matters because you don't like it and react to it.  If it is true, you can do something about it.  I would gladly give you some vitamin information that may help you loose weight and grow muscle by increasing your metabolism if it is low because of certain deficiencies and there are plenty of folks around here that can give you some exercise info.  After you get to a weight and body condition you can live with and accept join a nudist club and meet a bunch of nice people who don't give a damn if you have breasts bigger than half the ladies.  You will learn to accept yourself and have fun.  There is a book written by a therapist - THERAPY, NUDITY AND JOY.  Self acceptance can be a joyful experience.  Also the supplements I would suggest can do marvelous things for your mood too.

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In the dictionary Simplicity lies between Shit and Syphilis.

If you are looking for help then you have come to the right place, if you are looking for answers, look in the mirror, if you want a friend hire a physiologist or psychiatrist an hour at a time.

Too thin, too fat, who cares what others think. It is all in your head, but then after years of clinical depression you already know that.

You have a few options:

Live with being depressed.
Get over it and move on with your life.
Change what you are unhappy about (loose the weight, get surgery, whatever.)
Stick a shotgun in your mouth and put an end your troubles.

The point is you and you alone are in control of who and what you are, no one can make you feel bad about yourself unless you let them.



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