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First off, I would like to thank everyone who posts on here; it is an invaluable resource for people who suffer from such an embarrassing condition.

   I had my first surgery in Summer aged 16. Although we had agreed with the surgeon to do a circumareola incision with combined gynecomastia gland removal + areola reduction, at the last minute, it was decided just to do an incision under the areola, and only remove gynecomastia; the surgeon's view was that he would rather remove the gland first, without the circum areola scar, and then perform an areola reduction at a later date, if it was required.
     3 months post op, it was decided that I should go ahead and get the full areola reduction done. At this point areolas were around 1.25 inches diameter (take into account I am not overweight, and hence this looked somewhat abnormal). In January 2014 I had the operation done. However, after a few days a haematoma developed right side, which was evacuated at my 2 week post op appointment, with a few to evacuate more at my 4 week appointment. Despite all this, I can't help feel that the areolas have 'grown back' bit; I wish I'd taken a immediate post op pic. Over the last few days, I have noticed a build up of scar tissues around each breast, pretty firm and not just over the site of excision, but all over the lower breast. Moreover, I can't help feel that the breast looks saggy. I'm able to upload photos on request, but I'd really appreciate any advice someone could give me. Tis condition has tarnished my younger years, and I'm sick to death of it; it feels like it will never end.



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 i had my optn done on 1st jan 2014, the first person who i wished a happy new yr was a assistant in operation theatre :D :D

Anyways u r just too caring, this surgery requires time to heel
cant say anything about brown areolas but the haematoma will be gone.

the doctor might have given u an ointment to apply and rub a bit to get rid of haematoma

post ur pics
do write me, we both had surgeries in jan and so surely will have similar conditions


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