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i am 2 weeks post-op. when can I start working out post-op?
when can I start with stretching/swimming/weight training?
one dumb question... do i need to wear compression vest while working out?

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Your doctor did not give you instructions on this? Or have a followup with you?. Most say no exercise until 4-6 weeks.

Every case of healing and procedures are different. I am at 4 weeks now and told I can work out after my last visit with doc. Although he said anything - I am starting with light treadmill and yoga for this week. I will hit weights next week.

I was told to wear compression shirts for another 3 weeks. I still have notable swelling.

I wear normal compression shirts (underworks cotton spandex) during the day - and exercise compression shirts (underarmor heatgear) while working out. I was told I can go in the pool or hot tub now at 4 weeks, but I will wait for now.

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After 3 weeks is what I was told. From weeks 3-6 start lightly exercising and build your way back up. At 6 weeks feel free to do what you want.


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