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Hey so my surgery is coming up soon and I was just curious what my diet should be like during my recovery.

Basically I am wondering:

What foods to avoid that can cause gyno/make it reccur.
What foods help with the healing process.
If there are certain herbs/vitamins to avoid.
Should I start eating organic?
Also should I avoid stuff like Whey protein and fast food in general?

I just want to make sure this sh*t never comes back. Doing anything I can to prevent that. I appreciate anybody's input, doctors and users alike. Thanks.

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To help the body recover it needs to good nutrition obviously. A diet of fruit and veg and not excessive amounts of protein, chemicals or calories is optimal.

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I juiced a lot of fruits and vegetables.  For me that's better than eating them. 

Highly recommended to maintain great health and keep your weight in check. 


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