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Acceptance / Re: Accepting and Enjoying my breasts
« Last post by andrea758 on Today at 07:32:04 AM »
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User Photos / Re: My boobs
« Last post by S45 on Today at 12:49:01 AM »
I wasn't sure if I needed a bra, but I think that was to do with being scared of people noticing. When I'm on my own I wear a soft pullover bra, and I love the feeling of it. Not brave enough yet to go the next step.
Acceptance / Accepting and Enjoying my breasts
« Last post by pastthepointofreturn on Today at 12:37:30 AM »
This is the first summer I have been really self conscious about taking my shirt off in the pool in front of friends.  Although my breasts aren't super big, they are very feminine looking and my nipples are quite noticeable and get really hard. They have changed alot over the course of a year.  I feel like everyone I know will notice my strong masculine chest has turned into breasts.  I did see a couple people take a double take.  At first I dreaded taking my shirt off.  Now, later into the summer, I have gotten to where I enjoy the opportunity to show off my breasts.  It has become almost like a fetish.  The entire time I am without a shirt I am thinking wow, everyone can see my breasts.  I get a little nervous and self conscious, but excited and enjoy it at the same time.  It is very hot here in Texas. I rarely have a shirt on at home.  Occasionally a friend will stop unannounced. My first reaction is embarrassment and start looking for a shirt. Then I stop myself and just go with it and remain topless. 

Acceptance / Re: Do you like wearing a bra
« Last post by Denny on Yesterday at 09:10:44 PM »
I would like some guidance on this if possible. I have been wearing a sports bra for about 3 weeks now. At first just for running, but then also at work when I need to help unload a truck which happens 3 days a week. Basically, I have a bra on more than I have it off. 3 weeks ago I measured 40 C. Last night I bought another sports bra, 40 C. But later in the evening I noticed I was filling the cups more than I had 3 weeks ago when I got them. So I measured myself again. Now I am a 40 D. I did it 2 more times and it was accurate. Is it really possible that I grew that much in 3 weeks? Is it possible that my breasts were that size 40 D, and after wearing a bra they became more proportionate? What do you all think? Any guidance would be appreciated.
Acceptance / Re: Do you like wearing a bra
« Last post by Dudewithboobs on Yesterday at 12:15:02 PM »
Will second side set and 42c, side sets in probably be filling that bra soon enough with luck maybe not but as things seem for most of us probably will. I joined this forum when I was barely an a cup and now I’m a mild C cup. As things grew I kept telling myself I won’t wear a bra I don’t need one it’s not necessary etc. but from one cup size to the next it became more prone to just accept it and as I outgrew one bra to the next it just became more ideal to wear what works and fits and does the job. 
42c I also don’t wear a bra every day while my b cup bras are quite overflown at this point and my c cups have minimal space but enough to convince myself I’m not a full c cup yet it do find I have a bit of a shelf now when braless. Things point out a bit stick out more and the bounce is noticeable now days. But overall sometimes I just don’t care to wear one so I don’t. I assume for many women it’s the same. I could wear one I should wear one I’d probably rather wear one for both support comfort and lack of attention overall it gives but ehhh just don’t feel like it today lol. 
I like Dannys analogy to work boots too. If you need a bra it’s best to find one that does the job you need it to and have the comfort sought 
User Photos / Re: My boobs
« Last post by Dudewithboobs on Yesterday at 11:55:24 AM »
Unsure if they are quite big but they definitely appear to be breast shape in roundness and fullness from frontal view. Always feel the side view gives fuller attention to how big by projection but definitely looks like breasts. 
User Photos / Re: My boobs
« Last post by Confused old man on Yesterday at 11:16:34 AM »
Looks like me...yep..those are boobs
Gynecomastia Talk / Re: Sizing
« Last post by JKing on Yesterday at 11:15:53 AM »
Mammogram won't tell you sizing. Bra size charts are a rough guide, but keep in mind they tend to be off quite a bit for men.  Sizing will not only vary from mfg to mfg, but from bra to bra.

Agreed. If you are older when gynecomastia sets in and have a very male shape, the standard way to measure for a bra will often give you too large of a cup size. This is because on average men will have bigger chest and back muscles.  According to the standard method I should be a C or D cup. but in reality the actual breast tissue just fills in an A Cup. 
User Photos / Re: My boobs
« Last post by blad on Yesterday at 11:07:43 AM »
Your picture appears to show bra strap marks, so I will assume you have been wearing a bra. 

If so, how long have you worn a bra, and how does that work for you. 

I definitely benefit with wearing a bra.
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