What age were you when you first discovered your chest/nipples growing?

pre 10
33 (9.3%)
184 (52.1%)
66 (18.7%)
17 (4.8%)
13 (3.7%)
40 (11.3%)

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The same thing happened to me as happened to Steven. Over the last 10 years I noticed something happening but was able to ignore the growth on my chest, however I had and have the chest itching, enlarged nipples, tingling and such and have had this happening since my early 20's. I am now 62 and finally was forced to pay attention to my "assets" when I began to notice I would bounce when I walked briskly or bounded down some stairs and finally it hit me when sitting on the edge of the bed trying to wake up in the morning. I was sagging and doing so big time. I had breasts and they were noticeable, at least to me. I stirred up my courage and got some sports bras and the rest is history. Although I do not like to squash the "assets" I am only now thinking of getting proper support for them (44A/B).

Nothing much happened when I was young aside from the itching and tingling, which increased to enlarged nipples but only within the last 10 years and principally within the last 4 years has the need for support become absolute. 

Note: The above was from 2 years ago and the growth has gone crazy! The 44 A/B is now  46 C/D. As a result underwire bras are standard equipment at least 17 hours per day. Support is critical now. Regardless of all this, life is still a blessing and I thank God for it! And that is the story I am sticking to! :)

New note: The "assets" decided they did not like the size they were and enlarged themselves. Sneaky big buggers! They are now 46H but I feel much more comfortable in a 46I. They have been at this size for over a year and a half now. It is interesting in that they took time to grow and are not any sort of surprise or shock to my brain. Life is still good!
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Like most people guys who had gynecomastia at puberty I don’t know exactly when it started because it is just like all of a sudden someone says, “Hey you’ve got boobs!” and then they laugh at you.  At that time I think most people just figured you were a loser because the breasts meant you were fat.  It never occurred to me that it had anything to do with testosterone becoming estrogen; I probably didn’t even know what the hormones were at that age.

So my guess would be around 12 to 13 for the start and at its height around 14, so basically freshman in high school.  Then fortunately they mostly went away at least enough so that my breasts were not really noticeable.   Of course they eventually came back as I went past middle age.


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I was 24, i got a dui and crashed...not bragging, major lessons learned and advicate adamantly against such acts. Anyways few months after i noticed my chest swelling. Figured just die to injury probably cause i broke my collar bones. By 25 i was 175lbs 5 11 and noticed my chest was softer and had curves to it vs flush pecs. I went to the dr concerned and he had me lift my arms and felt aroundand confirmed breast tissue. I freaked went to 5 consultations and eventually realized its such a waste of money to spend on what those who dont matter think of me. Fast forward im now 30 and same weight and in excellent shape and worjout regularly but my breasts have begun growing again. Insecurities are now coming in again cause of it 


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I was 9 years old. My parents noticed my unusual development when I was 10. We went to the doctor and began a fairly long series of tests. I was diagnosed with Klienfelters Syndrome.
Over the next 10 years I got very good at hiding my developing breasts. Because of the KS my shoulders are narrower and my pelvic bones are wider. I am also taller than most people of my generation. At my tallest I was 6feet 4 inches.
I am fortunate in that my father was supportive and always easy to talk to. It really helped through junior and high school. I don't have to restate the cruelty and insensitivity of some students and teachers.
By the time I was 20 I had developed a to a full C cup. By the time I was 30 I was a full D cup.
I don't have to tell you guys how difficult gynocomastia can be. I especially feel for some of the posts I've read where there wasn't a lot of support from family and friends.
I've been  married for 45 years now and without the support of my wife I might have ended up in a dark place. I am truly thankful for this forum and my Klienfelters support group. When I was diagnosed back in 1956 the Internet would have been called science fiction.
We know the draw backs of gyno but there have also been some pluses. I have no negligible receding hair line and I am 70 and still appear to be in my middle 50's.
Still after all is said and done I would rather have not gone through this. I guess it comes down to a quote I have read many times from one of the other posters on the forum,"I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not ".

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10 or 11. Getting out of pool and to girls asked if I was sure I was not a girl. Not diagnosed until 18. Feared PE, locker room, never took showers in highschool. Shrts vs Skins and I ran. Always wore t-shirt swimming claiming sun sensitive (still do). Even doctors are insensitive. At 18, they made me get a mamogram, no shirt paraided down the hall. My dermotologist stairs at my chest when talking to me. I hate my body and what my life has been like.


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Been a few years now since posting and at 31 mine have begun to spurt again. The volume and weight is getting quite apparent and have been to 3 dr's and 2 endo's and have had multiple blood work done in the last few years and all comes back normal. T is in low range but not low enough to be concerned i've been told and estrogen is high but not high enough to be alarmed. I am glad I began developing when I have as Idk if they will stop or go but I can't imagine being a teen ager dealing with this stuff. At 31 I'm kidna past giving a damn about public perception. I hope those who had early onsets have found solace in surgery or acceptance

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mine started around age 11 now my pituitary is messed up and iam on testosterone shots my boobs are now at a 48 C.pm 57 now

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I was 19. While at a family dinner, my sister-in-law told me I needed a bra. She was a nasty woman.

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I was 13y old when I first realized that out of nowhere I had boobs like a lot of girls were getting in my class. Girls are on the look out for their breast development by I obviously was not anticipating it and they just seemed to pop up before I realized it.

Most of the kids in my class also realized I had boobs.
If the bra fits, wear it.

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12-13 YO

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7 or 8 years ago I started noticing a crease under my breasts but didn't give it much thought.  My wife made some comments about me growing boobs but I just replied those are pecs, not boobs.  About 4 years ago she mentioned I was starting to look like a B cup and I looked down and it hit me like a ton of bricks, holy crap, where did those come from? That was at age 69 so they apparently had been growing slowly for a while.  I think they have grown close to a cup size in the last 4 years.  I wear XL pullovers most of the time and find them quite adequate, but when I swoop and scoop everything into an underwire bra, I fill the cups without wrinkling on most 42Cs and some of my wife's 42Ds.  I occasionally catch women staring at my chest (it's always women who notice), but I have gotten past being self conscious about them and have lately gotten the confidence to go out in public wearing an underwire.  

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Mine started around 11. Onset of puberty. 
To make it worse, I was a fat kid. I hunched when in a sitting position. Always wondered if not sitting up straight made the problem worse. I have permanent creases.


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