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I had gyno corrective surgery almost a year ago. I had a moderate case (sorry no pics). I have had gyno sense puberty, never taken any drugs and am not over weight. I finally got sick of it and had the procedure, gland removal and lipo. After swelling subsided the gyno returned and is now back to almost where it started. My doc is willing to redo the surgery but I can't help but assume it will come back again. This has been the most frustrating thing to deal with as I would like to go to the beach with my children or swim in the pool. I spent $6500 and I am pretty much back to where I started. I have researched this issue and almost every doctor says that it is very rare for recurrence if the gland has been removed as necessary. I feel that I have a good doctor but worry that this problem will never be able to be corrected for good. Any suggestions? Thank you. 

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I would suggest the following:
1)provide some photos 
2)describe what was done at surgery (liposuction ?excision?)
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If the gyno was true gyno and glandular, it should not recur if it was adequately removed. If it was pseudo gyno due to excess fat, it would only recur if you gained a significant amount of fat. If this is the case I would suggest losing weight before you do any surgery and see what happens. High protein - low carb diets work the best. Good luck.
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I have taken care of a number of patients who had previously undergone resection of their gynecomastia, and then experienced "recurrence," bringing them to my office.  In most of these cases, there was nothing to suggest recurrence, such as new medication, pro-hormone or steroid use, and on probing, it became apparent that in most cases, they were under-resected with their initial procedure.  This is one of the risks of having surgery by someone who does the occasional gynecomastia procedure, since they are often overly cautious in removing the tissue, for fear of causing a crater or other deformity. As a result, they often leave too much tissue behind, and after initial swelling subsides, the result looks similar to pre-operative condition.  Photos would help us comment on your situation, but this might account for recurrence without other factors that might cause re-growth. 
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