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Hi Doctors,
I was hoping you could clarify some questions I had below.  Reason for these questions is that I had surgery 2 years ago, but the fullness in my chest seemed to return a few months after, while my weight remained the same.

1.  Is gyno always just hard tissue, or can it also include fatty tissue that doesn’t seem to go away with diet/exercise?  I seem to have the latter.

2.  When exposed to cold or my skin is stimulated, my gyno seems to almost disappear.  Is this an indication of gyno, or just regular behavior?

3.  Is there such a thing as pseudogynecomastia?  Could the fat in my chest be different from regular fat?  If I have it removed with lipo, would it be likely to return even if I kept my weight consistent?

I realize you may not be able to answer these questions exactly without an exam, but any insight you could offer would be greatly appreciated.  I plan to return to my surgeon someday once I get more info.

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1. Gyno can also be fibrous tissue which is not as firm as dense gland tissue.  It can also have fat mixed into the area which will respond to diet and exercise.
2. This is regular behavior as the areolar muscle contracts with stimulation.
3.Peudogynecomastia is gynecomastia due to fat. It is basically the same as all fat and responds similarly.  It is controlled by weight gain and loss.

Good luck.
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