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Guys, I need some post op advice based upon your surgery experience.  I am scheduled to have gynecomastia surgery on 12/30/22.  I am traveling 4 hours away for my awesome surgeon.  With my surgery being on Friday morning at 8:30, I will drive down on Thursday, have surgery on Friday, follow up with my surgeon on Saturday and then was planning for my wife to drive me back home.

Plans have changed and my wife is not going to be able to be with me for the trip and/or procedure.  I have hired a concierge nurse service to take me to and from my surgery from my hotel and I will probably have them check up on me that evening after surgery to make sure I am good.  

My doctor has told me that most of their patients are able to manage post op pain with just tylenol.  They are prescribing Oxycodone just in case I need it.  Obviously I can not drive if I am taking Narcotics, but would I even feel like driving myself to my post op appt on that Saturday?  My doctors office is only a 6 minute drive from my hotel.  

Secondly, would I feel well enough to drive 4 hours back home on that Saturday after my post op appt?  I am just trying to plan whether I need to stay another night in the hotel and drive back on Sunday.  At the same time, I may require drains depending on how things go in surgery and may need to follow up on Monday 1/2/23 to have the drains removed.  If so, it may be best to just stay in that area instead of trying to do so much driving after surgery.

What was your pain experience the day of surgery and the first few days after?  Can you liken the pain to anything?  I have sat for 5-6 hours for tattoo sessions and have tolerated that pain.  The back is very tender after a few hours, but I have done well and sat for those long sessions.  Is the post op pain comparable to that?

The reason my wife may not be with me is we are possibly adopting a child that is supposed to be born on 12/30(same day as my surgery).  We just found out about this child on Friday 12/23, so we do not have much time to make plans.  

I am open to any advice.  Thanks!

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For me it wasn't too painful. Sure, you feel pain when you move around and do things but it's not excruciating pain. I think most people have had dental work and back pain that was much, much worse. It's more of a nuisance pain. You bundle yourself up in the compression vest, sit up straight, take your Advil and muddle through. Tylenol or Ibuprofen does a good job, you can even tell when it's wearing off. You can crack an Oxy in half and still get some relief without getting loopy.

The day after the surgery there will be no problem driving to the Dr's office. You'll be so excited about the followup that a 6 minute drive won't phase you. After that, you'll have to decide if you can stick it out for 4 hours or stay another night. I would probably drive back. You're sitting a chair moving your feet and holding a steering wheel, not that different than sitting at home on the sofa when you really think about it.

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Hope everything went well with your surgery as well as the new additionn to your family! Please update us with how things went. I drive a truck all day at work, and occasionally climb a ladder so I am interested in your pain level while driving.


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