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Hi. 6 months after my op, I contacted the surgery to ask for a revision. They told me to massage the area from scar tissue. 

It was better than before, but I still felt I had gyno. 

Now after 1.5 years, I contacted the surgery again. They told me that I can’t have gyno seeing as they took the gland out. They offered me a consultation only. Bearing in mind that I am in England, and the surgery is in Poland. 

The most they have offered is that they can book out time after the consultation, should I need more surgery. 

I don’t want to travel out there on the basis that I might only get a consultation.

So I thought I would post images and ask if you think I should fight my corner. There’s definitely gyno still, right?

Thanks so much! 

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Hello, l swear there's nothing wrong with that. You really need to look up crater deformity and be glad you have some remaining fat in the general area. If you get crater deformity (which you definitely will get if you take any more fat out), then welcome to hell. You have no idea how bad crater deformity is, even if it's barely noticeable it will drive you crazy due to conflicting sensations emanating from the area because the nipple skin gets tied to the underlying muscle and it feels like you have open holes where your nipples should be, it's an intensely uncomfortable feeling.

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I'm not joking by the way, you really do look great.

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There is still some fullness under the areolas.  If the surgeon swears that he removed all the breast tissue, then a strong possibility is the growth of scar tissue.  This is not uncommon and it can be effectively treated -- and the nipples flattened -- by injections of cortisone.  But those treatments should be done by an expert in gynecomastia surgery.

Good luck!

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