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If and when I do get the money together for the operation - I was wondering whether or not there are cases that Dr. Karidis would refuse to do surgery?

I need to lose a bit of weight (not much) and was just curious!

Appreciate all your help and having people to talk to about this...
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Hi Kieran,

You're taking the 1st steps to getting gyno free. Long road ahead but keep focused and set yourself the goals you need to achieve the end result.

My opinion, losing weight should be 1st priority when it comes to decreasing gyno, looking and feeling better.

Even with surgery they will only remove the fat/gland around the chest area but won't be able to do the stomach, arm pits, back etc. ( unless you pay for it )

It's up to the person having it done to lose the weight naturally.

Ideally you want to loose as much fat as possible before surgery.

How I see it, after spending all that money you want to make sure you are happy with the result.

I lost over a stone before surgery and would of liked to of lost more.

I got down to about 17 stone from 18, going to make sure I replace it with muscle now not fat.

Use the time it takes to save up the money as the motivation you need to eat healthy and do lots of cardio.

You won't regret it :)

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I'm only slightly overweight at the mo and I understand that I need to lose a bit to make me feel better.

Guess I better get my running shoes on again...

Would he definitely refuse surgery if you were classed as overweight on your BMI??!

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Only if you are the size of rik waller, anything below that would be fine ;)
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Don't worry if you're only slightly overweight. I'm about a stone overweight and Karidis still operated on me. Great result too.


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