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Title: Drt Jay Pensler
Post by: Joseph87 on April 10, 2013, 05:16:22 PM
So I wasn't impressed at all by Dr. Pensler!!! I see one of his ladies who I believe is a nurse at the gym and she is always so nice so I almost feel bad writing this review.

I have minor gyno I went to consultation on March 14th. He told me I would deff need surgery. I wanted to make a apointment ASAP so I would heal for summer. I faxed in my info around March 20th and called to make a appointment. The secretary said Dr. Pensler had to talk to me about something before I could make the apointment. So I waited.... and waited... and waited... basically called every other day and was extremely nice to the secretarty. She kept giving me the run around. Then finally after about a week of me calling she said Dr. Pensler needed to call my primary doctor because I take clonopin 3 days a week only when needed.  No joke I it took Dr. Pensler another week and a half to call my doctor. My doctor gave the ok. Im gonna be honest during the wait I wrote some emails saying how dissapointed I was about Dr. Pensler never getting back to me saying I was scared to write bad reviews becaue I didn't wanna get sued.
But this was after being promised to get a call back and waiting 3 weeks. Finally I get a email NOT EVEN A CALL saying "Dear Brandon:
After lengthy consideration I do not think you will be happy with the surgery. There is no guarantee the results will be to your expectations.
A check for the consultation fee has been mailed to your address."  Didn't give a reason or anything. I was FURIOUS because I could have gone to another doctor and now it's to late to get surgery before summer. I bitched at him saying I have never been treated so poorly. He knew I wanted surgery asap and had me wait for nothing. His excuse was so dumb. i think he blamed it on my meds which is bogus because I only take when needed. If he knew he wasn't going to do the surgery why did he have me wait 3 weeks. Why did he throw me under the bus to my primary. He couldn't even give me a call, I felt like it was equivilent to breaking up with your girlfriend through email.
 Now my whole summer is ruined because I have no more vacation days and it cutting it close. He didn't even give me a reccomendation for a endo or advice on what to do next. I now have to go to therapy because of all the stress he put me through. My whole face broke out in acne and I was losing sleep waiting for him to call which he never did.
I'm sure Dr. Pensler would have done a good job but I felt like he had something against me. I feel like he purposely made me wait this long to mess with me to ruin my summer. I don't understand how one minute he says I needed surgery then a few weeks later I don't. I admit I wrote some mean things on a few emails and apologized but can you blame me? He had me wait 3 weeks and still never called wrote 2 sentences. I've never been promised a call from a doctor for 3 weeks and not get one. EVERYTIME I talked to secretary I was more then nice. I felt like he was a very mean person. Obviously he doesn't only care about money cause he didn't accept my service but I felt like he had me wait 3 times as long as  I should have. I feel bad writing this review because I see the nurse at gym and she is a sweet heart always kind. I'm not saying to not go to him just telling my experience. I was so stressed out those 3 weeks waiting to make a apointment then finally he emails me with some bogus excuse. I am now seeing a endo. Sorry for the nasty review but I felt like I was treated unfairly. Please don't take this personally and Im sure he is a great doctor but he takes things to personally and doesn't seem to care for his clients. Ive never left a doctor without atleast getting advice and what to do next.... Either way im sure he is a good person but he just didn't like me maybe.
Title: Re: Drt Jay Pensler
Post by: Joseph87 on April 10, 2013, 05:39:53 PM
I should prob say this before Dr. Pensler chimes in. I did overreact but this was after 2-3 weeks of being lied to and waiting for a call. So im sure that's why he didn't do the surgery and im sorry for overreacting but I was under alot of stress
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