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I have always read these threads, for years never posted anything just alays read. Stayed up til 5 in the morning some nights hoping I would find a cure without having to go under the knife that I would find a cream or pill that worked.. Never did. I'm 23 years old and have basically been unhappy for the past 12 years of my life. I have a great girlfriend and she is the only person I ever told my secret to, considering I'm thin and in shape nobody would know unless they saw me with my shirt off. At the bar I gave her my wallet to get a drink and she saw the plastic surgery appt card so I had to tell her. Either way I. Just had surgery yesterday she picked me up and now were in this hotel near my house bc I don't want my parents knowing. I paid out of pocket which was a bitch but wanted to keep everything a secret. I'm feeling a little pain and I hate these drains but I can't wait to see my results on Wednesday! Btw has only one ever heard of Dr. Silverman in doylestown is he any good? I also wanna say if ur unhappy with your gyne and have the money to do it JUST DO IT, I saw a post somewhere on here that said that and that's what finally pushed me to do it and iv never been happier, the experience wasn't bad at all. That being said I'm only one day post op and I forgot. To take a before pic but il be sure to post an after pic ASAP!!

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Don't leave us hanging :)

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It's great that you got this corrected while you are still in your early 20's. I wish I would have made the leap sooner.
Looking forward to seeing your post-op pics. Again, congratulations.


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