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Johann, there are pros and cons to everything, aren’t there?

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First, I commend you on taking control of the situation of dealing with your son having breasts at such a young age.  In early teen years, there are so many esteem issues that need to be dealt with.   This situation creates an incredibly unique challenge that no one is prepared to handle.   I feel that you are on the right track of educating yourself, asking for help and opening the lines of communication.
My situation sounds similar to your sons.   At about 10-11 years old, I started to develop breasts.   I was chubby as well, but there was no conversation about it.  Not from my parents, siblings, doctor, nobody.   When I got to 7th and 8th grade, I few guys and a lot of girls told me that I was big enough to wear a bra.   I could also see that my breasts were bigger than 70% of the girls in the 8th grade.  A little embarrassing, but I just kept it inside and deal that wit her it.  I played sports in school and gym classes weren’t a problem.   I had a great gym teacher who always made sure that I was a shirt and never a skin.   
High school wasn’t a big problem for me, outside of a few comments.   I was never touched or groped by anyone.   It’s hard to tell how big I was, probably a solid B cup for sure.   
I’ll fast forward to about a year ago when I stumbled upon this website and really started to seriously investigate to idea of wearing a bra.    In December 2019, I sat my wife and 2 sons( ages 21 and 18 )down to explain that I would feel more comfortable wearing a bra full time.  They were very supportive and told me that they loved me and do whatever I needed to do to be comfortable.   So I got fitted and have worn a bra daily since the middle of December.  I’m 50 years old and not interested in surgery.     Probably something I would have benefited from a long time ago.   While it would have been a bit embarrassing, I probably would have been more comfortable.  
My 18 year has gynecomastia too. He’s in the A/B range.   He’s a bit bothered by it, but doesn’t let it bother him.   I told him whatever way he chooses to deal with is ok as long as he loves himself.
I’m here to lend an ear or give advice, whichever you need.   Good luck to you and your son as both of you navigate your way to acceptance.   

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Curiousk, your story is inspirational. Thank you for sharing it


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Maybe a bit late and a simplistic way of looking at things but if manufacturers make a bra (for women !!) in a size that  fits her it is  a sign that breasts of that size are recognised as needing support.
The same goes for your son. If there is  a bra made that fits, then his bust is big enough to need support.

I am 73 and have been fully bra'd up for around 3 years now and wished I'd taken the step a few years earlier. I have a very supportive wife - your son is very fortunate to have a very supportive Mum, I hope both he and yourself realise this.

I am father to 3 lovely girls  - when they had breasts big enough they had  bras, for one of them it was 32B at age 11  and there were idiots about telling my wife and I that she was far too young - especially for the styles that actually helped!!

Great to have a lady on the site  best wishes to  you both. I hope in whatever way you will help spread the news that not all male bra wearers are weirdos.
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Haven’t heard from you in several months. Everything OK with you and your son?

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Wait for him to be 18 plus years old and if still, he has male breast then go for surgery.
keep eye on his eating habits and give him healthy food so that his hormone levels are balanced. Emotional support and letting him know the true facts will also help him emotionally cope up with the world.

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  • it is what it is
once past puberty and having established its glands and not fat, pay for his surgery.....

I can say this ruined my life completey and im 42 still havent done the surgery

save your sons mental health and life
just an older gyno sufferer


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