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Title: New Member: Seek Advice Rate 1-10 Gynecomastia or Pseudo-Gynecomastia
Post by: Rogue420 on June 07, 2007, 08:25:00 PM
Hello All,

        I recently came onto this site when finally I wanted to know for sure if I have Gynecomastia.  I believe I started to develop "man boobs" around the age of 13-14, 8th grade basically.  I was 5'10 (huge growth spurt in 1 summer) 180 lbs around that time.  I know that doesn't sound fat or overweight but I never did any physical exercise and I was still growing so at that time it was all fat.  By the time I was 16 I contributed my large chest to just general fat or genetics, so I went crazy in diet and exercise and by 17-18 years old I was 6'0, 165 lbs, I didn't measure but I would say 10-12% BF at the most.  I didn't have any more problems with my chest in the sense that it looked normal to me, it was a little larger than reg. I guess but I attributed that to working so hard on my chest and cutting fat and running and exercising that it was mostly muscle.  By the time I went to college I increased in weight tremendously, from 165 lbs I gained up to 240 (90% fat gain, stopped working out or eating right etc.), dropped to 180 and back up to 220 in a matter of 3-4 years.  I attribute that to drinking, experimenting with street drugs, having girlfriends, living as a poor college student, not eating right and in and out of the gym for 3-6 months inconsistently.  Currently I'm 26 years old, I'm 195 lbs at around 19% bodyfat.  I was recently 220 but dropped down after going on a diet and exercise regime.  I am going to continue to work out almost religiously and diet religiously because I'm fed up with my "man boobs" and hoping I'll reach the same result when I was 17 that if I cut down enough fat it'll look normal.  I don't really have puffy nipples, I would say slightly puffy when soft but normally my nipples are erect or hard and at that point is not really noticeable, not even to me.  I do however have the blubber of fat or breast tissue below my chest running back towards my armpit.  My question is this, do I go to a normal doctor about this problem? Or should I go straight to a Plastic Surgeon / Cosmetic Surgeon doctor.  I also want to know if this is true Gynecomastia with gland issues or just Pseudo from the fat that I put on over the years.  Anything constructive would be greatly appreciated!!

Title: Re: New Member: Seek Advice Rate 1-10 Gynecomastia or Pseudo-Gynecomastia
Post by: Rogue420 on June 07, 2007, 11:24:10 PM
I haven't decided for surgery, at least not now.  I do want to know if it is true that lifting weights worsens the condition.  I plan sticking to a strict meal plan, anti-estrogenic combined with high protein and low level carbs.  From what I read I know that diet and exercise can't cure it or even treat it, but I am hoping it helps to a point that I can live with.  I am going to a reg. doctor to get a checkup and hopefully even an endo doctor to determine if there are any hormonal imbalances.  We'll see after that.
Is there any way to stop the gyno from getting bigger as I get older? 
Thanks for your advice and help!   I know there are worse cases than mine that I've seen researching this, and I wish you all the best of luck. 

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