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I too have  found that padded bras are not the big bug-a-boo that it might seem. Cold weather really keeps the high beams on all the time for me and the padding in the cup helps to not only hide the nips but also keep the girls warm and padded and high beams aren't as bad. It also gives me a predictable shape and I can easily compensate for in choice of layering piece and outer top. In many ways, it makes dressing easier and I can get the look I want. Summer, unlined cups are my go too cup style. Padding just soaks up the sweat in the summer time and its like wearing two tightly strapped petri dishes on my chest. That's when a light molded cup or seamed cup bra really helps for shaping while not giving yourself a heat stroke in summer.

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Definitely like wearing a padded bra in the cold months for sure.   Before wearing a bra, I never realized how much my breasts moved as well as how much my nipples can be irritating rubbing against a shirt with high beams on.  Unlined, soft bra bra with underwire is a good summer choice for me.  

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The thin foam lining in a contour cup bra did not turn out to be a big projection amplification I though it would be. In fact, the shaping may improve the profile. 
If the bra fits, wear it.

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The irony is that the paddeding is able to emphasize growth. When i first started putting on a bra and sometimes pulled out the padding it didn't really look any different. But the bra pulled in the breasts and kept them 'small".  
Now they have grown a bit and the padding goes with that. The slow projection has allowed things to grow quietly and unknoticable overall. 

But this fact also shows me how gar I HAVE grown. 

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Another fan of a lightly padded bra. 

Seems a contradiction but the padding seems to smooth out the outline and the band pulls the under arm breast in, giving a more defined, yet less obvious shape.

There is more of a frontal projection giving me a fuller bust, but to be honest, on the basis that anyone who knows me has already noticed my breasts, I can live with that. 


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