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i remember the first time i got the surgery i gained alot of weight like 2 months after.  Its funny cuz i see people's before and after pics there gyneo is gone and great but i can see that they have put on some pounds this a common occurance. Could it be linked to the 2-4 weeks on inactivityafter the gyne..or i am a dumb ass?

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I lost like 40 lbs for my surgery. However, I have since put it all back on...  :-[

Surgery: February 16, 2005. - Toronto, Ontario Canada.
Surgeon: Dr. John Craig Fielding   M.D.   F.R.C.S. (C) (416.766.8890)
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I had my surgery on 4/27.  Since then I've lost 2lbs.  I personally can't wait until my PS clears me for exercise.  I miss running and training bjj!


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