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I am hoping that Dr. Silverman finds this post as he is a bodybuilder.

I would like to know, after how long after surgery can i start a steroid cycle.

thank you for your time.

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Please allow me to chime in, although I will defer to Dr. Silverman's expertise in this area.

Why chance a recurrence if you have just gone through (I presume) successful gyne surgery.  Just don't do it -- you can build muscles naturally -- I know, cause I did it myself. 

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I just want to add to Dr. Jacobs comments that steroid use for muscular development also has multiple adverse side effects that do note manifest themselves for a while.
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I would join Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Pensler in encouraging you to pursue bodybuilding without use of steroids, though I suspect that if you've been treated for gynecomastia already, and this is the question you're asking, that your gynecomastia was likely the result of previous steroid use, and that you're likely to use them again. 

Unfortunately, the question you've posed isn't one that any of us are capable of answering. I know that many of my patients resume steroid use after their surgery, but I don't know when they start, I don't know which drugs they use and which drugs they avoid in an effort to prevent a recurrence, and in fact, there is little scientific literature that we can refer to for this information.  There is a lot of information floating around the internet and shared in locker rooms and gym parking lots about steroid use, but little of this has any scientific value, since there is little objective science looking at it.  I say this, while ignoring the ethical implications of providing information on use of a class of drugs, which are not being used in a legal manner.  Obviously, that's not cool!

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My sincere thanks for all the replies, much appreciated.

My gyno has been with me since my teens.  I am 33 now and have only ever done 1 cycle back in 2010.

My surgery is next Saturday 3rd of March.  I think i'll see how things pan out before considering taking anything.

Once again, thank you for all the replies.


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