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Hi all, new member here :)

I've had gyno since about 13 years old, I've always battled with this and have tried going through the NHS route etc. Over the past year or so, I got myself in good shape and quite lean, the gyno has never looked as bad! I'm lucky I guess in that it's just my nipples, which currently are like two half gold balls. You can now see them through hoodies :(

I found surgery in Poland and have booked in for next month with Adam at EuropeSurgery in Wroclaw. I've seen several detailed stories reviewing his work etc and am happy proceeding, I simply cannot afford UK surgery. My only concern at this point is scar tissue build up... I will certainly follow all guidelines to try and minimize this, and to be honest I heal very very quickly with minimal scarring.

I guess my question is, what are the chances a free revision would be available if 1 year after surgery I wasn't happy with the results? I cannot stress how much I am looking forward to this surgery, it's become such a burdon on my life, I've not been on holiday in years, I'm developing dreadful posture trying to hide the bumps and cannot stand taking my top off in front of my girlfriend!

Does anyone have any input regarding my choice of surgeon and clinic?

Thanks all!


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