Author Topic: Puffy nipples can be fixed!!!!!  (Read 5070 times)

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Ok i always said after i had surgery if all went well i would tell everyone on this site i took steroids about 2 years ago totaly ruined my life i didnt get full gyne but i got puffy nipples it was horrible i could no longer wear a vest or tight tops because i would have to mounds poking out when i was cold it was fine but in the mornings or when i got out the bath and my nipples wear relaxed they looked puffy and poked out i knew i had to do something about it i went for a consultation with   ALEX KARIDIS in london his web site is         he said he could help me i came on this site and read threads about people saying surgery dosent always sort puffy nipples out i was terrifeid but any guys out there with puffy nips who wanna get rid of it trust me your 3500 pounds away from getting it sorted it can be fixed you may be worried u will have depression after u had surgery or your nipples may end up being saggy ex ex but it dont happen my nipples are now flat as a pan cake i can wear a vest its f.,....king amazing so just to let you no there is light at the end of the tunnell 3500 is alot of money but it can be saved and the end result will be worth it ALEX KARIDIS is the man to see phone up have consultation save 3500 go get it done and get your confidence back my email address is [email protected]     any questions you have any worries about puffy nipples and the surgery just email me cuase i know how horrible it is not  having anyone to answer all the ? your bound to have anyway good luck to all the peeps on here suffering from gyne in all its shapes and sizes and thanks to the guys who replyed to me on this sight big thanks to Blame you were right my frined Alex Kardiis is the King of taking the sting out of puffy nips :)


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