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for those of you have the actual chest fat like me, you could start a super diet like me. i have to admit it isnt the safest thing for people who cant go a day with a small amount of food. i just started this this week, ive seen a decrease in the fat, but no decrease in the glands. every morning i take a vitamin, dont eat breakfast, dont eat lunch(except a small salad sometimes), eat a small snack around 4 and dinner. i dont expect this to work for you, but its working for me.

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First of all man, youre gonna do alot more harm than good doing that.  There are alot better ways to lose weight and are actually HEALTHY.  You'll feel better and you'll look better.  Eat a good size healthy breakfast with fruits and good cereal, no mcmuffins or anything, drink plenty of water through the day, eat a decent lunch and a small supper and youre good to go.  But the most important thing to do is EXERCISE, that will speed up metabolism.  And I promise, you'll lose weight faster like this than your "super diet"

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You will never be able to maintain that diet. Besides, your body will go into starvation shock and perseve its most energy rich resource- your fat. It will eat away at muscle first. So worst of both worlds. If you ate more small meals combined with exersize and HIIT (keeps metabolism up all day) you will see much better FAT loss results.  You are on the worst possible diet right now, nothing super about that.

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i understand what this kid is trying to say. He thinks that if he completely obliterates all body fat his gyne will be gone. I in fact have tried this. I went through starvation and intense exercise and it doesn't work too well.

I was able to reduce my gyne considerably but I was so skinny that although my chest was pretty gone it STILL looked way disproportionate to the rest of my body.

Of course if you dont really have gyne in the first place and just need to drop some pounds then it ought to work. Still though, these guys are right, this diet ain't healthy, it sure aint super, its stupid. Eat a moderate amount of healthy food and exercise + be patient, you'll get there.

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Believe it or not your super diet as you term it CAN cause glandular gynecomastia.

Below is a quote verbatim from Harold E Carlson endocrinologist M.D from his paper in the 1980s entitled Gynecomastia.

Systemic Disease

After World War II, it was noted that on refeeding, many former prisoners of war acquired gynecomastia with tenderness and that it regressed within a few months to two years.  A similar phenomenon may occur on recovery from any prolonged illness, especially if it is associated with a notable loss and gain in weight.  In a recent study of men with hypogonadism due to malnutrition, there was evidence for both leydig-cell and pituitary impairment.  When weight is regained, gonadatropin secretion and gonadal function return to normal, producing stimulation analogous to a "second puberty".  


The above extract is basically saying that malnutrition, which is what you will have if you follow that diet causes temporary impairment of the pituitary and testicles, temporary hypogonadism.  This means you will have lowered androgen to estrogen balance and this is the perfect clinical setting to develop glandular gynecomastia.  It is also saying that it can take two months to two years for the gynecomastia to regress and goes on to say that this is like a second puberty.  But as we all know gynecomastia does not even regress in all individuals in puberty.

So your diet can cause permanent glandular gynecomastia if it causes malnutrition and I think most dietitians would be believe your diet would cause malnutrition.  This can really screw with your endocrine system.  

I also wouldn't be happy with that diet from many other health perspectives.  

Dump the diet.

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Listern to the advise.  Just go on a regular low fat diet combined with exercise.  

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devo, i too am on your super diet with phenomenal results. Move over Atkins Diet and South Beach Diet, it's the Super Diet.  I don't eat breakfast or lunch, but have a candy bar for dinner (2 if i'm really hungry).  Now my gyne is almost gone. ;D

I'm joking devo, if it's working for you, that's great.  Even if your gyne is going away (I guess i'll take your word for it) you're no doubt making yourself unhealthy in the process and this diet can't be sustained long term.

Hypo's advice should be taken to heart. He does a good job articulating the negative consequences of this type of diet.

You'd probably get better results by "speeding up" your metabolism by eating 5-6 smaller meals every 3 hours or so.

Just eat a healthy, well balanced diet man.  I know, believe me, I know - eating a healthy diet is considerably more easy in theory than it is in practice.  ;) Happy eating my friend.
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you know what man everyone was like this with me when i went on my super diet.  That fat preservation stuff is bs.  If you're overweight you eat less.  The less you eat hte quicker you lose.  I did something similar to you and lost 35 lbs nad 6 weeks.  My gyne did not completely go away but it is at a point that i can take my shirt off and people wont notice.


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