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Since my breasts began growing, my GF has noticed that many men have boobs, kinda like when you buy a certain brand / model car and all of a sudden you see that model everywhere :). Whether their growth is simply moobs or gyne is unclear but clearly many men don't give a hoot about presenting au natural and a quick visit to any beach in the summer will prove the point. 

At any rate, as a man I've always appreciated the female form, but most specifically from the waist down being a confirmed life long leg man. Now that I have gyne, I'm a changed person with respect to my attention being diverted to the upper half of the body. On the television I now notice the outline / style of women's bras under various styles of clothing, look to see if they appear natural or enhanced, and I have even compared mine to theirs much like genetic women do! 

As far as bras go, I now appreciate them as much as or more than many a genetic female does... call it a paradigm shift of sorts :-)  

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On the television I now notice the outline / style of women's bras under various styles of clothing, look to see if they appear natural or enhanced, and I have even compared mine to theirs much like genetic women do!
Since developing breasts in my teens, and subsequently discovering the benefits of wearing a bra, I have made it a bit of a life long hobby to observe the different bra outlines on women and imagine how a particular style would work for me. Sort of bra shopping with real life models.

When clothing styles began to showcase more visible bra straps, the "shopping" only got better.
If the bra fits, wear it.

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I think as a woman, I might be an exception to the rule. I absolutely love my bras I love wearing them, I love the shape and support that I get from them. I also love how I look in them and how my wife reacts to how I look wearing just my bra and panties. 😉🥰💋

I think that I have had an influence on her bra choices as well. She used to be fine with finding something at JCPENNEY or Macy's that she liked. Now she will only shop at the same boutiques where I have been getting my bras for years. Both boutiques are super femme and the service is very good. 

Sophie ❤️ 
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Real life models is a great example. I feel I’m almost drawn to bras on others and clothing for the same reason. I can’t even recall the last time I looked at a woman’s chest and thought those are nice. Now days it’s more jealousy than attraction. In the last year my shift has absolutely gone toward looking at a woman’s chest and thinking either I wonder how I’d look in that or feeling a bit sad I can’t let my bra show as visibly. I love my bras and how I feel in them now days. And would definitely be nice to put on any shirt I wanted and not worry about going braless cause of its fit. 


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