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Had surgery with Dr. Lista 8 days ago.  My chest has gone from: first hour - pretty good, to next day: alright, to yesterday: what the hell, to today:  I just wasted 5G.  

From another thread, I've asked the following.  Please any ideas are appreciated:

On either side of my nips, just a bit lower, and towards the 'line' we all wish for for a perfect chest, I have what feels like a cyst but longer, and it REALLY hurts when pushed, especially the left side.  Is this scar tissue?  I didn't have it before the surgery.  I can actually SEE the lumps when I look down.  No blood pooling there or anything...but sore, especially the left side.
Also, the tips of my nipples had what I thought was dried blood behind them.  It started to peel off today on the outside...and they began to bleed a bit.  Anyone else have this?

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I don't know a whole lot since I'm only 7 days post op.  But from what I gather is you will defintely have the swelling where it almost looks as big as pre op, but that subsides over time(many months depending on how much lipoing was done).

As far as the bleeding on the tips of your nips, perhaps they are scabs from the chafing or your compression vest.
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Hi buddy,

I'm 6 weeks post op. I have gone through something very similar. The healing time varies from person to person, depending on the blood / skin type, if you are a smoker, not drinking pleanty of water etc. I started feeling better only sincee last 4 - 5 days. Till then I had lumps which were numb, without any blood circulation. But now I know that I'm getting better. A new feel you see. So no worries mate, you will be more than fantastic  very soon.


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I'm no doctor, but that sounds like scar tissue forming which is normal.  You'll probably be told to massage it after your PS has decided the time is right in your healing process.  Bring it up as a concern to your PS for your own peace of mind, and then don't worry about it too much.   That nipple thing probably is dried scab coming off.  I had a little of that, too, except without the bleeding.  Don't try to pull that stuff off.  Just let it come off on its own.

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Thanks to the three above that replied.  I agree about the nips probably chaffing on the vest.  I've put some spot bandaids over them for now.  

And I know what you're saying about it swelling then going down again, but when I have this PAIN on my left side from what feels like a cyst - I mean it really hurts to rub over it...

I suppose I will call my PS on Monday to find out if I really should be just lightly massaging these areas or should I be pressing in with wincing pain...

Surgery is nothing, its the 4.5 more weeks I have with this vest and the elephantitus of my chest.


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