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I'm a 21 year old guy with pretty bad gyno. I live in Orange County and this gyno is completely ruining my life. I cannot wear t shirts and I try to stay indoors during the day because you just can't go out without a t shirt. When i do go out it just looks weird if I'm wearing a t shirt and coat but I do what I have to do. I first realized I had a problem when I was in the showers in high school with some guys and we were all wearing shorts and a girl came in and flat out said "whats up with your nipples?" then i knew I had a problem.
My gynecomastia has affected my confidence with women as well and my inner confidence. As you can see from the pictures below im overweight by about 40 pounds. I allowed this to happen because i was depressed with my gynecomastia and it sucks but im determined to get it off and im going to provide weekly picture updates here. I'm not sure how my gynecomastia will look if I've lost 40 pounds but we'll see. At the moment, it looks terrible and I HATE it. Another problem is finances, I just don't have the money to get it done right now but i am going to get the money somehow, I really am. I will start saving from right now and provide updates on that too. If I have to get a bad job just to save up I will do that. At the moment I'm fully focused on losing the excess pounds in the lead up to my surgery so thats what im going to do. I will update this thread every 7 days with new pictures and details. This is to keep me motivated.

Gyno really affects your confidence in every way. I've lost so much because of my gyno. I lost great opportunities with girls and friends and that's the really sad thing. Gyno is such a handicap in life. I am determined to get it sorted out and im starting today. I'm not going to feel sorry for myself any more. Every day is going to be one more day of progress, either saving money or losing weight as i move towards my goal.

Well, I'll see you next week! Here are the week 1 pics, you can see how bad the gyno is in some of the pics. I took these pics this morning and now it's coming to night time and i've had a good day. I followed a good diet and put $25 in the kitty for the surgery so I'm off to a good start.

So I will update once per week until I have had the surgery. I estimate that I will have had the surgery done within 4 months. This is my only priority in life right now.



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Yes you do have gyne, but it also sounds like your trying to take control of your life despite the gyne! I had breast all my life from a teen on and at 56 I didn't even know what it was back then and lived a very full life with breast!

You move forward, save your money for that surgery, but in the mean time lets work on your self esteem and self confidence! What makes you the man you are has nothing to do with those bumps on your chest, they are just fat, breast tissue and skin! You are you because of your personhood, what you have in your heart, your mind, the way you love, the way you care, your feeling for someone else, the way you reach out to help another!

Those bumps have no difference in controlling who you are then your nose, eyes, ears, or lips, so it's time that you let your heart and mind take control!



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