Author Topic: 21 y/o with bad gyneco, PLEASE HELP  (Read 2431 times)

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Hey so i've been suffering with gynecomastia since i was like 13, always felt uncomfortable and paranoid about wearing a t-shirt or taking my shirt off in public because my chest just looks ridiculous.
I've tried changing my diet, losing weight and it just seems my moobs just look worse
I'm not that fat so was thinking are my man boobs tissue or fat?
I'm from the UK and was wondering would I be able to go to the NHS and get this sorted out?
Appreciate any help guys 

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Hi Toxicapple,

Thanks for your post. If you want to go ahead and have surgery via the NHS you will need to see your GP and imply that having Gyne is stopping you from living a normal life and causing you psychological distress. Sometimes they won't refer you for surgery as it's technically a "cosmetic" procedure but If you do get referred then I imagine there will be a waiting list. Although the NHS treatment would be free, some people are doubtful as to how good the results will be and if you can afford to then go and have a private consultation with someone like Karidis in North London.

Good luck!

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When I got gynecomastia I also started to grow these same hairs on my chest and arm , I suspect that its hirutism (growth of hairs) due to more prolactin and low testosterone . but my hair growth are slower than urs bro , share ur further expreince


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Honestly doesnt look that bad at all especially with hair masking it. Im sure if you lost a lil weight it would reduce their size as well 

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Here you are now at 21, through the worst part of things, school and school age bullies. Now here is a question for you.  What do you think of the 50% to 70% (autopsy reported mammary growth, gynecomastia) of men you see gynecomastia?  You don't notice them?  Nobody else notices you any more than you notice all these other guys.  You, of course, when you see them think all sorts of awful things about those guys with breasts?  You don't think about the breasts on 2/3s of men around you and think bad things about them?  And the big thing about that is that almost nobody notices you or cares enough about you to think anything at all.  Of the 75,000,000 to 100,000,000 men in the USA with gynecomastia, 0,01% to 0.02% have breast surgery each year.  In a lifetime 1% of men with gynecomastia ever have breast removing surgery.  Most accept their body and get onto medical problems as they grow and live their life doing everything the minority of men without gynecomastia do.  The only remark I have had in recent years is "You're working out more I see".  I'm going to be 69 shortly and have too many other medical problems to worry about any cosmetic situation.  Good luck.  Do what makes you happy.  Surgery only sometimes hits that mark.

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To me you're chest looks normal but I think its how you feel I had gyno surgery around 5 years ago under karadis and no doubt it was a changing point in my life I'd been hiding myself away since the age of 14/15 wearing thick jumpers tight tops underneath to try hide it in the end I had to do something and I wish I didn't wait till my twenties missed out on so much but there's no time like the present. Don't even bother with nhs I tried two or three times and had no luck pay the money and get karadis to do it 

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I have significantly larger breasts that that and I do not think I ever "Suffered" as a result. 
By the way, I have had mine since about 1949 when I was 12 years old. Safe and effective surgery was not available then as it is now. 
The condition can be a source of embarrassment, I will give you that. But I think "Suffering' is adorning the truth a bit. 
I have been around long enough to know that some of us have self image problems as a result of such things.  If that is true for you, then see a cosmetic Surgeon who specializes in Male Breast Reduction. 
For some men, the surgery can be "Liberating" while others have one surgery after another and are never happy.  It is important that your expectations are not unreasonable. 
Merle Yost, the founder of this site had profoundly enlarged breasts and his case was a good example of reasonable expectations. He was pleased with the outcome overall but later thought the result could be improved so he went in for a second surgery.  The catch is that he did that after a reasonable wait. 
If the condition bothers you, then by all means contact a cosmetic surgeon and start saving your coins, this kind of surgery is not cheap.  There are a few high Dollar insurance policies that cover this kind of surgery, but most do not and those that do want you to be in their plan for years first. 
Grandpa Dan

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In your case im positive that if youll loss fqat and work out - get ripped it will look very good, i wouldnt go for surgery in ur case


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