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Dear Doctors,

I had my surgery done approximately 8 weeks ago. My plastic surgeon advised me to wear my compression vest for 4 weeks max. My question is: If I decide to wear my compression vest for 3 months or more, will that slow down the healing process in terms of healing scar tissue, swelling etc ?
Does that have any negative side effects? I remember reading a comment by one of the Doctors that the longer one wears the vest, the better in terms of healing etc.

Could you please advise.

Much appreciated.

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I would not tell someone I have never met or evaluated that they should do something different than what their surgeon recommended as a general rule. What I can do is give you my perspective with respect to my patients.
First I am not certain what the absolute minimum amount of time you need to wear your compression vest after surgery is.I know for my patients it varies greatly depending on a number of factors from patient to patient. I give each patient a best estimate based on his anatomy,what I did at surgery,how the healing is progressing  and a number of other factors.If I say wear the vest for a month will 3 weeks and 6 days be ok or if the patient wears the vest for one day too little will disaster strike? I suspect the patient will be fine.How about 3 weeks and 5 days of wearing the vest? That will probably work also.Nothing is absolutely written in stone.There are patients who need to wear their vests longer to maximize the results and the extra time may range from a week to over a month. In general my patients are happy to wear their vest because they are invested in their surgery and want to maximize the results.Its sort of similar to when you change the oil for your car.
Now to get to your point if my patients wear their vests for a longer period of time I cannot recall a single problem off the top of my head.It would be akin to changing the motor oil every two weeks instead of once a month. I have found that in my experience patients often have a sixth sense regarding some of the details of their care so for my patients if they want to keep the vest on for a longer period and they feel it is helping,no problem.
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I concur with Dr. Pensler -- individual advice to you is not possible.

However, in my practice, I insist on a minimum of four weeks wearing compression garments and actually now see improvements up to six weeks.  After six weeks, they have usually done their job and are not necessary.  However, I have had patients wear them longer than six weeks -- there is absolutely no harm and it may possibly help.

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Thank you Dr. Penslar and Dr. Jacobs.
Your advise has been helpful and much appreciated.
Kind regards.


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