Author Topic: Am l being a hypocrite or over thinking it?  (Read 1659 times)

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I honestly get a little tired of the repeated "should" comments and the suggestion that because we have breasts "just like a woman" we should care for them "just like a woman."  Yes, we have a hormonal stew that has resulted in development of breasts and as comments about women's clothing fitting better suggest, we often have womanly curves in hips, thighs and butt.  But none of that dictates how we "should" respond to these circumstances.  Granted, if heavy breasts are straining one's back it makes sense to find means of support and yes, brassieres can give that support.  If nipples are hypersensitive then covering them can be helpful and a brassiere is one way to do that.

All of that said... beyond any shoulds are every person's individual preferences.  Enjoying shopping for brassieres and wearing brassieres is simply that, whether we wear them full-time or occasionally.  There can be aesthetic appreciation, sexual appreciation and gender play involved.  There are no shoulds in any of that but it is all real.  The conversation here is quite constrained.  I understand the reason for that and am willing to play along.  Yes, acceptance is key but acceptance is not predicated on doing this one way.  Whether you wear a brassiere while visiting a doctor is simply a matter of personal preference.  Whether you prefer to wear a brassiere only at home is also a matter of personal preference.  If wearing a brassiere is part of your fantasy life, so be it.  It makes sense to simply allow life to be just as it is.  There is no need to shame ourselves over our hormonal stew and its impact on our bodies and personalities.  Shoulds never help.

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Evedryones milage varies has been the exception for my standared response to general statements not being helpful. If we cannot get past the understanding that everyones experience, acceptance level, and individually assigned need is unique, all we are doing is imposing our experiences on anohther person. Personal assessment and advice are most often bases with the context of the moment, and may not always be interpreted as intended, with the nature of communication. If one goes hunting for demons, they will often find what they are looking for. The semantics of vocabulary choice in explanations of the "usual" "X" could be taken as exactly that. Or taken an a percieved attack. Youre choice. Kid gloves for those too fragile to understand that milage varies, seems excessive.
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I'm kind of the opposite. I'm more comfortable wearing a bra to support and shape my assets outside of the house. I feel more awkward wearing a bra at home than I do wearing one at work or when going to the grocery. I think its just with the super conservative way my wife was raised and this all being new grounds to her

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What has your wife said or done in relation to you having womanly breasts?


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