Author Topic: surgery in Dubai / Karachi  (Read 11457 times)

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Hi..Has anyone had suregery to get rid of gyne in Dubai or Karachi?  If so, pls share your experience and cost etc..  Thank you.

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I know it is an old post, but i'm in dubai at the moment as well and am thinking about surgery.

Any answers are appreciated!

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  • I wish.....damn Gyne
Try Cosmesurge..
They do lipo but no excision!!
It costs like hell too.
About 14000 AED.
C YA. 8)
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Dubai is very expensive. I went in for consultation and it cost me about 500 Dirhams and they quoted me 20,000 for some laser treatment and 15000 for excision. and their body language was so scary!! i'd rather travel to India and get it done.


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