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I'm gonna make an endo appointment next week. It's called getting hormone levels checked or what?

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I would suggest that when you see the Endo you simply say that you believe that you have gynecomastia.  The Endo will then know what hormones to test and what examinations to carry out.

Expect something along these lines:  He/she will take a full medical history; carry out a general physical examination of you, including your testicles, and take blood to send to the lab.   The blood will be analysed for your levels of testosterone, oestradiol, LH, SHGB, Prolactin, TSH and FSH (possibly others too).  A calculation of Free Androgen Index is common too.

Depending on the results of these tests and examinations, the Endo will advise you as to the state of your hormonal health, and what (if anything) you may need to do.

I would suggest when you get the results you keep a copy for yourself, that way you can look into them and their meanings a little deeper at your leisure if you so wish.

Good luck, and don’t worry about the Endo.  They are there to help you.  Be completely open and honest in answering their questions; that is very important.

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