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Called ma'am many times and then they correct themselves. I just ignore it and move on. No need to bring more attention to the nips. I catch a lot of females looking at my chest.

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While a lot of woman wear a short hair style, having longish hair and breast projection will almosr guarantee a "maam"  

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Even before I stopped pretending to be a man. I was routinely referred to as Ma'am or Miss. I know that people were simply acknowledging my body shape not to mention that I was always in ladies jeans or slacks with ladies top. I was never insulted by it. Even as a teenager, I was mistaken for a girl. Now, if I'm referred to as Sir, I have been read and they are attempting to be mean.
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.

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Welcome back, Herbert

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This has been brought up before, but I am wondering how many of ya'll have been called "ma'am" based on looks and protrusion?

In the past four months, I have been called "ma'am" on multiple occasions.

My bust has now gone over 4 inches past my band size and I am protruding out more and quite obviously.
I have let my hair grow out and because I am naturally curly, the hair looks like a bad perm.

Last night the other half and I went to a Texas Roadhouse for a long overdue steak. I wore a polo shirt that has about 10% spandex in it and no bra. I was poking out quite hard, and the breast shape was unmistakable.

While there a number of folks had to do a double take to make sure I wasn't her "significant other".  Even the waiter called me "ma'am" twice and turned bright red when he realized I was on the male side of life.

So those who have had this happen, what was it like? 

Would you prefer 

Or classic peanuts?


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