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Where do I begin? I've had gyno since puberty. It feels amazing not to have this anymore. This is my gyno story.

I've been researching for months to get this done, I am 20 year old college student, met a girl I cared about so much and never took my shirt off and she left me because of I would be to embarrased about it. After that I was so angry that this was causing a deeper emotional problem time after time. I sold my car for around $4000 to do this.

I found two doctors, Dr Jaime Caloca and Dr Luis Salas. Dr Salas was much cheaper roughly by $1000 but I went with caloca due to his experience and positive reviews I seen for him online.

I exchanged a few emails with Dr Caloca and spoke a few times to the receptionist ( forgot her name ) and he was very nice and spoke perfect english I was very comfortable with him after a few conversations.

He quoted me $2500 for the procedure, comes with garment and medication. and $100 additional for lab work. $2600 for everything done. I paid about $60 a night at Hotel real del rio and stood for 2 nights. and I opt'd in for pickup service from and to the airport $70 each way. Also found a ticket from orlando airport to san diego for $320 last minute.

I arrived at the airport in san diego and someone was waiting for me to pick me up, california is beautiful, it took about 30mins to get from the airport to my hotel.

I checked into the hotel and everyone speaks english and very professional, paid my two days up front for around $130 total and went into my room. My room was beautiful and king size bed, I was impressed.

Next morning Dr caloca had his personal driver pick me up with his very nice bmw. couple mins later I am in the office at 8 AM, took my blood test and went into his office. I was SHOCKKKED how nice and fancy his office is, its absolutely beautiful and looked expensive. I could not stop shaking because I was so scared being in mexico omg you have no idea.

I speak with the doctor for about 30mins before the surgery as he examines my breasts and make markings and pictures. I also met the anesthesiologist and he spoke perfect english. As I sat down in surgery table I looked up and I had an IV inserted and prior to the surgery I was told it will be done under General Anesthesia and I thought it was IV sedation that was performed.

I was happy that I was going under General, anesthilogist noticed how nervous I was, I could not stop shaking and jittering my teeth. and all of assuden I wake up wrapped in bandages hooked up to an IV in the recovery room. I did not know where I was, did not know what happened, did not know why I was hooked up to a IV. then it hit me that I just did my surgery and recoverying. I vommited a few times and tasted like complete medicine it was very bitter, maybe it was my Bile.

I had drains in and got transported to the hotel when I was ready to leave the recovery room about 6 hours later I left, took a nap.

I got wheelchaired to the hotel and into my room and the hotel staff helped me in my bed and put the blanket over me and make me comfortable and gave me the phone closer so if i need to make a call. They were incredibly nice, best service I ever had.

let me finish this up, I went home next day and now I am 2 weeks post OP. I had it done on november 1st. I took drains out myself at day 8, it was very weird but not a big deal. drains are so annoying for that week. now I will have to wait till november 22nd to take the sutures out. my chest looks amazing and flat but swollen. bandages and drains came out on same day. I now have the compression garment on for a week. ive grown use to it in a few hours.

Overall Im very happy with my experience and results so far. Best decision I ever made in my life, I love the way I look. I go to the store with shirts that fit me right and looks amazing to have a flat chest.

Im recommended Dr Jaime Caloca for his professionalism and care, Oh and he also called me the night before the surgery via the hotel phone. Making sure I was ok and ready for this and if i had any questions. I liked that kind of care, even called me days later to check up on me.

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All the best. Please post some pics pls.


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