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I find compression vests uncomfortable.  I prefer a bra. If I want some control for my torso, I will wear a  WYOB open bust shaper.
I do the same. A WYOB is my usual go to. I also have Spanx body briefers. They work well with thinner clothing.
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.

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I wore a compression shirt for the first time today for about 3 hours. An hour after taking it off my boobs and where the band would be on a bra, are blotchy and red, like a rash. I bought for doing sport but I'm hoping the sports bra I ordered arrives soon.
 The sports bra is way more comfortable. Wore it all day with no discomfort at all. A much better option.

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Bras all the way for me, too!

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I’ve tried compression shirts in the past and they are very uncomfortable for me to wear for any duration of time.   I, too, find wearing a bra more comfortable for the whole day.  

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I tried TomboyX compression tops for awhile, I am a 50D. The tops do work very well and were flattening the girls down to the point that it looked like I was just buff. 
The problem I had was they don't breathe, and I was wearing a sauna around my chest all day. 
After seeing my doctor for horrible blistering under boob rashes the doctor and I decided that they new tops were not a good option for my sensitive skin. 
I went back to using a soft cup bra. 
💖 Thanks y'all 💖

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It is worth noting that breasts are delicate. Use of any significant longtime compression is harmful and is deprecated by health workers in the field.
Then, as posted they are hot, sweaty and uncomfortable


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