Author Topic: 2 Months Post-Op: Swelling and Having Concerns  (Read 2369 times)

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I had surgery in mid-November. The doctor said she was aggressive with the excision of glandular tissue. I noticed an immediate improvement with the contour of my chest, but since then, it seems like things have regressed. Now I'm beginning to get worried.

I worked out my chest two in the last few weeks, but noticed things swelled slightly so I stopped that.

Did any of you guys have improvments beyond the 2 month mark?

(I would put up pre-op and post-op pics, but my pre-op pics have been removed.)

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I've heard some people say they experienced swelling when starting to work out but that'll go away.

I really wouldn't worry much about swelling since it never is permanent.  If it concerns you call your doc up and check it out.

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Is the pec muscle swelling or is in under the skin around the surgical site? If you whole chest is swelling that is quite normal. What people refer to as a "pump".


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