Author Topic: My advice on Compression Garments (Just get one)  (Read 4612 times)

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This forum has done so much for me and would like to give back.

I would say just get one. You don't need two. A lot of people are worried about the garmet drying in time. You can just put it on the radiator.

I was worried at first but my mum has a surgical vest and i asked her about the material. I was worried it would not be alright on the radiator. She said it was alright. I tried it and it worked really well. The material didn't burn or anything.  

My mum show me how to wash the surgical vest with cheap shower gel. It worked really well. Why shower gel?? if you don't wash properly at least no washing powder will not irritate you.

These are the steps I took:

Wash in the morning and allow plenty of time for work or school.

1. hand wash with cheap shower gel. Important part are arm pits. I wash the inside and the out side of arm pit area. (I once wore my vest over a month but wish I did it every week.) scrub everywhere.

2. smell the air pit area and make sure doesn't smell, if not wash again.

2a. rinse with pure water twice. Make sure to scrub all the shower gel out once inside the pure water. Try and get out all the shower gel so less irritation.

3. hand it up and and let water dip. have a bucket for the drips.

go to work and come back.

4. put heating on

5. once hot put vest on radiator for 30 minutes and should be part dry, now dry the rest of it.

That's it.

I would recommend Malcom vest: the one with a sleeve on it and nothing covering your belly. I would not cover the belly because it could stop you for breathing propelly especailly if you have a belly. The sleeve will not dig into you arm pits.

Disclamer: I'm not an expert on surgical vest material. Try at your own risk and can not guarantee you will experience same results. If you are allegic to the vest or any medical condition please consult with doctor.

Thank you.

I have had surgery with Mr Levick at 19/11/2014


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